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Our loss was complete when she died. I cried copious tears as I heard the breaking news. My heroine was no more, lost was my Princess Diana. Her thread I carried then, for someone who had to continue her Loving Ways. Princess of Wales was no more and never would she appear again. My heart filled with mourning and grief as I remembered that young precious soul, I had seen for the first time when she married her prince, Charles, who knew not that he had been given a gift in Diana.

A Gift Has Been Given

Diana was a gift to the royal family and they knew it not. She brought her beautiful heart to Prince Charles, a love for him true. He did not know that she had been given for the people who was in the world. No, he could not love her for he had given his heart to someone else. Such is the way of love in the Monarchy. but no longer. But the people knew who she was. All you had to do was look into her face, and know that she was filled with light and goodness.

Young Diana

Diana Frances Spencer was born July 1, 1961. The fourth of five children born to Viscount and Viscountess Althrop. The Spencer's are one of the oldest and most important families in Britain, closely allied with the royal family for several generations.

Princess Diana of Wales

Diana was very young and idealistic when she met Prince Charles and she fell in love very hard. When she married Charles she had never been in love before. But he did not realize she loved him so much. I would imagine he thought she married him for the title of Princess but it is this writers feeling than she married him despite his title. For Diana, it was very real and she had no way of knowing that she had fell in love with a man who was already in love with someone else. So naturally she was kept in the dark about his feelings until he had her married and probably with child.

Disillusionment and Despair

What a rude awakening for someone so loving and kind. Charles did not let her know, but he was suddenly so indifferent to her. Her total disillusionment was complete, despair turned to apathy. Apathy turned to anger and low self esteem. At the very least Charles should have paid her a modicum of care but he was too busy getting on with his life to care what happened to her.

Hopelessness To Freedom To Find Real Love

After she had been so thoroughly fooled she realized how naive she was and so took a few lovers to flaunt at her husband. But Charles didn't care for he was just glad that she stopped bothering him with her so very needy self.
From there she realized that he had never cared. She was just a means to an end. He had produced an heir so his duty to produce an heir had been done so the little pretense that motivated him was finished.
But for Diana her dreams had been shattered and she looked around and realized she needed love too. He might have fooled her once or twice, boy she was a very gullible person, he would not fool her anymore. She would be free of him and his family. But first she must wait until her sons were old enough to become aware of what was happening.
At this point in time I want to tell you that Prince Charles should have been allowed to marry who he loved. But the Monarchy needed this woman, Princess Diana and her love for the people of the world. Through her the Monarchy will now change and be different. It will now become a true For the People Monarchy.

Freedom Won

Through out the next few years Princess Diana concentrated on her children and growing them up into young men with a conscious, Men that would not be callous. Considerate human beings who would care about the people of Britain, of the world. She supported charities and did not let the world know just how badly the royal family had used her.
She smiled for the people but cried when no one could see her.

Finally her children were old enough for her to make a clean break with her children in their teens.
After the divorce, which she wanted to be amicable, she was finally free to get on with her life. She tried to help and use her status with the media as a turning point for the world. And she wanted to find real love with someone who would love her back.

One Year After Freedom Won

One year after Princess Diana's divorce fate did not smile upon her. She was killed in a terrible accident which the press caused while it chased her through the streets of Paris. The world was devastated. I was devastated. My heart hurt for her. I cried for a long time over a period of months. Then for some reason I don't fully understand I took an interest in Princess Diana's children.
As for the world it recognized straight away that Diana Spencer was special, probably a gift of love from God. She was always loving to the people of the world. To the royal family she was just a means to an end. But to the people needing that precious gift from God, they recognized her for what she was. A Gift. Of. Love.
Queen of Hearts was spoken truly. That is what she was. And the world loved her so much that it got her killed.

Her Legacy

Princess Diana gave us her love. She gave us her boys, now men to look after. We as responsible people of the world, have an obligation to her, especially the media, to see that her sons get the love that she was denied. Prince William has found his love, Kate Middleton. Thank goodness he got to marry her. Now we must see that Prince Harry gets to marry his true love. As Princess Diana is no longer here, we must do it for her. We must fight for her sons to get to marry the love of their lives.

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author avatar LOVERME
5th Aug 2013 (#)

I knew not the princes… but sure enough admired someone as beautiful as her …. the envy of many an eye ….a loving soul once deprived …owing to naivety…. a love deserved the….. Ordinary and the Royalty mix …..but with difficulty ….the world has been assigned another platform perhaps….. of peoples Monarchy …..in years to come ….may your God bless the soul so lovely… as hers once …
more later...

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Diana was very much loved and adored by the people of the world. It was a terrible loss for us all when she died.

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author avatar Grumpybear
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes she was one of my heroes. I loved her as if she were my sister. Really the worlds sister, daughter, mother about sums it up. Its been 16 years and I still think about that innocent young child bride. When I saw her face I said to my husband that it was Prince Charles who got lucky for you could see light and goodness beaming out of her face. Your friend Rose.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Many missed Diana when we heard of her dreadful accident .. It should never have happened , but sadly it did , and I am sure Prince Charles never wanted that to happen either .....but life goes on , and now we have a third in line to the throne , because of Diana ..and Prince William will never do to his wife what his father did to his mother ...so the ending is happier . We must all forgive and move on as well .
God bless you my friend .
Stella ><

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Ps oh by the way , I love the way you have used bold lettering , it really enhances your work .
Bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Aug 2013 (#)

a very lovely tribute to a lovely woman...thank you my friend...

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author avatar micheal
5th Aug 2013 (#)

she was a special person

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author avatar Trillionaire
10th Aug 2013 (#)


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