Of Mice and Men and The Treatment of Women

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This is a short summary of the three (3) years of fear that I had about being homeless and the treatment of women. Not just women..a disabled woman.

Of Mice and Men and The Treatment of Women

Homeless -Hell

This article is about mice, men and the treatment of two women. Let's start with the first item of mice?! Well..., We live in Roosevelt , NJ and the mice have moved out under these conditions of our Slumlord! (Landlord)....In this rural area .., the landlord never comes over.., except to collect her $1, 400 . Dollars per month. The windows are broken and there are holes in the walls near the bathtub. We are actually waiting
for the tub to fall through the ceiling. And when we take a shower.., the water drips down through the floor and into the kitchen. We've been here for ten years and it's still better than the alternative that is coming up--Homelessness!
Several miles away is a Town of tents called, " Tent City." In Lakewood, NJ. I read up on the subject because I'm going to be homeless very soon!
It all started about three years ago.
My husband was working for a company called, " Colgate Palmolive Company" . As a compounder.., he would make batches of flavors and toothpaste for the company.
It was a good job . It paid $22. An hour. It was an hour drive in the morning and an hour drive at night. My husband decided to just walk away from his job!
He said , " It wasn't a good fit."
I'm a wife and mother of 34 years. I never worked. I have a heart
condition called, " tachycardia and agoraphobia" I 'm not able to leave the house. I've also been seen by a doctor, who came to the house, and told me that I have "Severe Lympedema"...Several- Google Images show it to be gross.., but I will not let my feet get that gross!
For the past three years I've been trying to get my husband a job
through various websites called, "Monster.com, " CareerBuilder", "Indeed.com"...etc..-...
What I've learned is that these Employment Agencies take a percentage of whatever the employee gets paid! For instance.., If a job is paying $20. An hour? The employee gets anywhere from $10 to $15.00 to work while the agency gets the rest! Nobody gets a direct hire from the companies anymore. And no companies offer health benefits either.
When Hurricane Sandy hit.., there was talk about Help and relief!? We never got any! We still have damage to the yard and house with fallen down trees., which the Landlord expects us to have them removed.
After all this happened.., I went into " Panic Mode" Or " Survival Mode".., call it what you will?!
My friend Judy , from Online, gave me her RV! Sweet , Kind person that didn't want to see me homeless. The RV sits in my driveway . Dead. I'm convinced it's just the battery.., but I don't know about these things.


I was watching SPEED one night and Keanu Reeves inspired me to write a
Vampire Series!
I can tell that you all are scratching your heads and not getting the connection between Keanu Reeves and a Vampire Series. His Vampire photo was on Google Images and I proceeded to write 90+ episodes over the years .
My agent, at the time, asked Mr. Reeves about a "Letter of Interest"
about the Vampire series and he replied back that the letter was NOT confirmed!
Well? Okay.., he got my message and knew about the Vampire Series. I was happy about that.
I wasn't happy about the fact that he wouldn't help me with the series?! Now..., I'm not trying to compare my husband with Actor Keanu Reeves. I'm just stating that right now, The treatment of women has to get better!
My husband walked away from his job and put me in danger! But.., when you have a loyal and loving person ? You can't treat them bad. I was a loyal and loving person to my husband for 34 years. This all changed when he walked away from his job and put me in Homeless danger! To this day , he claims that he did nothing wrong!?
Okay.., whatever helps him sleep at night and ALL Day long! He watches
TV and sleep 24/7. The burden of trying to survive falls upon me!?
Social Security won't even speak to me until all his unemployment is gone! There are no homeless shelters and if there are.., there's a two year waiting list. We've applied for Rental Assistance, Utility Assistance and Homeless Prevention. No Help from anywhere or anyone!
The Gas to the house has been shut off. I had an idea to Share the House? Perhaps paint the two bedrooms upstairs and offer the rooms to nice College students or something? My husband says that he doesn't want strange men in the house and I would want a nice, young college student sleeping in the same house as my
Then again? She can have him...LOL. This house is too run down. Nobody in their right minds will live here.., except for us!
In order to make it nowadays, You need 3-4 room mates. Someone to pay the rent. Someone to pay the utilities and someone to pay for food, car, etc....The jobs pay $10 to $15 an hour and the rents are crazy! Some as high as $16-18 thousand a month!
Then I had an idea that we could live in Solar Village? It's just 2,000 feet down the street! With my agoraphobia , I can move just 2,000 feet down the block!
They have several restrictions. 1)--You need to be 62 or older. None of
us are that old. 2)--Or you need to be disabled!? Okay...that's me! I had to now do the
Impossible and get a Doctor that makes House Calls!?
A foot doctor did come to the house and gave a Disability Note! Then The people at Solar Village said that I got the note too late and I was put back on the waiting list! I'm next in line. I hope they can save us before my husband's unemployment runs out in 3 weeks time!?
Keanu Reeves couldn't save us and he wasn't obligated to do anything. My husband gave up on his burden and I had no choice but to take it over and try to save my own life. The town has no shelters or aid. There are no family or friends that will take on the burden of us. Everything points to being homeless and hopeless, yet.., I'm calm in
knowing that I'll be divorced when we are living in a tent! There's
perhaps even a Freedom to it?
It'll all be over................-.........


My husband got a job. It pays $10 an hour. Yes. I'm still disabled. The black mold and spider bites have left my feet deformed. I can't get Social Security Income.
My Husband is the only one working. He SAVED us from being homeless. I do Tarot card readings online. I can give angel messages. My paypal is starlightgift1123@gmail.com

I really appreciate any help that you can give us .....


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