Paula Deen: Where is Our Forgiveness

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Everyone makes mistakes and that includes you and me. Should a person suffer forever for the things one does? No for we should forgive each other as Christ Jesus has forgiven us. If someone did or said the wrong thing once, its just a mistake that they will regret, but do they have to pay for that sin or misconduct for the rest of their life?

A Christian Forgives As Christ Jesus Did

Are we a people who does not forgive our mistakes? No we are forgiven as We should forgive others. Paula Deen might have said or done something once, but I don't think she should pay for it forever. After all, who are we to cast stones at people when we have done something just as wrong? Christ Jesus said "forgive one another as I have forgiven you," so who are we that we are better than God? We are no one and certainly not better than God or Christ Jesus.

Paula Deen Admits She Said Wrong Words

For Paula is just a down to earth type of person who says whats on her mind. And she admits she has said racial slurs before. I really didn't take offence at her words, but I did to the fact that the suit filed against her and her brother stated that she has not been treating her employees with as much kindness as she should. Now that was something to say hold up and think what is she doing? She apparently hadn't treated her workers with as much kindness as she could have. But I think she has learned a lesson that you don't treat people who help you with disrespect. It is this writers opinion that she is sorry for what she did and it won't happen again.

Sin is Sin

When I was a young woman I learned that every sin was sin and no matter what sin it was, except for blaspheming the holy spirit, it should be forgiven. If someone went out and accidentally shot someone wouldn't you forgive them eventually? Take George Zimmerman, who didn't mean to kill Trayvon Martin but accidentally did, he must have felt just terrible about that, and probably still does, feel awful about that. I know I would feel that way.
But to God, except for unbelief in the spirit, God forgives us our Trespasses. So why shouldn't Paula Deen be forgiven? She should be forgiven.

No One is Perfect

Perfection is something we all strive for but none of us achieved that except Christ Jesus Himself. People should not shake glass houses when we are just as guilty as the next fellow. We can't always live a perfect live as Jesus did. Because we are human and made from the dust of the earth. All of us. So forgive those that hurt you and lay it aside. If God Almighty wants to not forgive some one vengeance is HIS. Romans 12:19 says that Vengeance belongs to the Lord God. So if you go around not forgiving each other and others, you are alienating yourself from a God that gives out vengeance as He Wills.

So Forgive Others

So my little children forgive as Christ Jesus did when he was put to death. Look, Paul, thinking he was being the faithful hebrew, went around killing God's new family of Christians until he was intercepted by Christ Jesus himself. So Forgive those that hurt us, and Believe me, Paula Deen is sorry for what she said in the past. Probably as sorry as George Zimmerman is, when he got scared and shot in his mind, was self defense. Forgiving is one of the most important things you can ever do for your God and Christ Jesus, for that is what they have done for us. Forgiven Us. As we should do.

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author avatar Trillionaire
14th Jul 2013 (#)

None of us are perfect. We all need grace. God will keep her.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Jul 2013 (#)

We all go through hurts in life - forgiving is easy but forgetting is tough as they keep replaying in our minds but we should try - siva

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author avatar Grumpybear
16th Jul 2013 (#)

Well Paula must live with her mistake but she shouldn't have to go unforgiven of it. As for Zimmerman he must live with what he did and I can tell you it is sometimes better to pay for your actions than have God take a look in on you and mete out His judgement.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
17th Jul 2013 (#)

Repentance is the quickest way to forgiveness , but we have to live with the consequences of our sins .
God bless you my friend
Stella >I<

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