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Tulisa Contostavlos, a top 100 sexiest women in the world list is a British song writer, singer and also actor has rapidly grown to the current years

Tulisa's achievements

Tulisa Contostavlos, a top 100 sexiest women in the world list is a British song writer, singer and also actor has rapidly grown to the current years. She is featured in x factor as judge and has also produced her own perfume. She started doing music from as early as 12 years old as a member of a hip-hop group, N-dubz located in Camden. She has released a number of songs but the most selling song is “young” which is the world selling single.
“Young” is Tulisa’s first single which she released on April 2012 after she moved out of the N-dubz group. “Young” is an up-tempo dance-pop which she shot in Miami. This video features Tulisa and her friends with a lot of mischief in a hotel. It has also featured chipmunk in the video .Tulisa and her friends are playing and dancing mischievously in the video .This forms an everyday part of a youth. It was released via island records and produced by Duo-STL whereby N-dubz band mate Fazer is a member. This hit song was written by peter Ibsen, Ali Tennant and Fazer. The song was originally titled “we are young” but this was later changed to “young”. After Tulisa saw the lyrics she was so sure that it was the best song for her which was to make her music career a success.
“Young” is a massive dance track that is very repetitive and short lyrics wise. It’s from her upcoming solo album, TULISA. This song was reflects on the mistakes that we usually make while we are young. Some of these mistakes are sex tapes which form part of our youth. The mistakes that we make each and every day of our youth help us to be confident about the future since we learn from them. According to Tulisa, it represented who she is and if she was the one composing it, it would be exactly the way it is.
Tulisa first performed the song in Britain’s Got Talent on May 2012 and the song picked the top chart in her homeland, United Kingdom. “Young” has also achieved her 1st solo top 10 hit in Ireland whereby it was rated number 5.
Tulisa New Video for single
“Young” had a high hit than any other single that Tulisa had. It was released after there was a very high controversy on the social media and news about sex tapes and the youth. There were a lot of mixed confusions about the single and twitter and face book collected a lot of reaction about the video. They stated that Tulisa video was a bad influence to the youth and yet this is just the usual things that the youth undergo in a normal life. This video was uploaded in YouTube and received a great number of downloads to the fans of Tulisa. Apart from critics, the video received over 1 million likes from both the face book and twitter funs.
Apart from “young”, Tulisa has other singles that she has done after she separated from the N-dubz group. The latest is “live it up” whereby she features USA rapper Tyger in her video. This video was shot in Hawaii and it shows Tyga and Tulisa this video has a big rating in the social media whereby on face book .this video shows Tulisa demonstrating her wild moves in the song. This song did not receive a good hit like “young” single did. Most face book and twitter funs made comments that the single though was great, was not. The video was uploaded on you tube later and the twitter fans acknowledged the good work that Tulisa had done. This video has seen Tulisa go international by featuring an American great rapper and also attracted both the Tyger and Tulisa’s fans that are on both twitter and face book. It has received a great sale in international level.

N-dubz career
Tulisa career with the N-dubz group which she started when she was 12 years has opened doors for her music career. The band was started by Fazer and Dappy in 2000 and they realized that they needed a female vocalist to spice up the band. They recruited Tulisa to the band and she grew with it. . N-dubz started performing around Camden before they were recognized by other states. She started performing as the Lickle Rinser Crew in the songs “bad man riddim” and also “life is getting sicker by the day” which became hit song in Camden. N-dubz band released their first video in 2005 “every day of my life” which was aired in channel u and gained a lot of votes. This paved way for the group to be noticed. They had begun to appear on the United Kingdom album chart. The group’s growth saw then move from Polydor records to All Around the World Records which specialized in dance music. They released their 1st album in 2008 which became number eleven in the United Kingdom album chart. The album “uncle b” featured singles “you better not waste my time”, “defeat you”, “papa can you hear me”, “ouch”, “feva las vegas”, “love for my slums” and “wouldn’t you” which was the last single for the album. This album made their career more interesting when their single release “ouch” was listed by the press as the first single release.
By the time N-dubz was in their second album, they had made a big sale in their 1st one. The first album saw over 4 million viewers and when the second album was released, it recorded a hit within the first months of release. Tulisa by now is a super star that has grown from a simple 12 year old girl to a super star. Her career has a big foundation by now and she now understands the music industry. The album “against all odds”, featured pop stars such as Mr. Hudson who was featured in the single, “playing with fire”. N-dubz group single hit songs were rated top twenty in the United Kingdom album chart. Due to their popularity this far, Dappy, a member of the group was featured in Tinchy Stryder’s number 1 single hit “number 1”.
N-dubz had now started facing critics raging from press and other people who did not like there achievements. This group had to release a book that gave the answer to all these critics. This book was titled “N-dubz against all odds from street life to chart life”.
After the book, the group filmed a 6 part documentary, being N-dubz which was released in June 2010.sometime later, the group was signed in by def jam recordings which is a US based recording company. The group released an album with this company called “love live life”. This album which was released in the United Kingdom was the last album before the group split. The album composed of 5 singles and among them best behavior was uploaded on YouTube. This seemed to be the final journey for the N-Dubz group when they resigned from def jam recording company.
Tulisa had by now gained a lot of experience about life and she had by now come up with a new fragrant perfume by the name The Female Boss perfumes. This perfume was meant to make a woman feel the boss in herself and it had started gaining the number of users.

TFB Perfume Review
A different type of body requires different types of body sprays. When shopping for a body perfume it is always advisable to not only check for the smell that suits you, but also on your body’s sensitivity to the products that are used to manufacture that perfume. There are bodies that are hyper sensitive to sprays and others are not sensitive to any kind of spray. It’s all about knowing whether your skin can endure synthesized chemical compounds or not. Sprays are made of either natural or synthesized component that may or may not react with the body.
The other thing to look for when purchasing a spray is on the time that the spray is to be used. There are sprays that best suits daytime and others suit nighttime. There are sprays that are for both day time and night time. These are the best sprays to use since they are economical and also reduce the number of packets that are put in that handbag for the super ladies.
People have different acidity and ph level and therefore, a certain perfume that smells well on one person the whole day may not be the case for some people. If a person has a long day ahead, they should make sure that the type of spray that they put is one that sticks the whole day, matches with their body ph and acidity level and at the same time leaves them feeling fresh all day.
Tulisa came up with Female boss perfume popularly known as tfb to solve all this problems of different perfumes for different purposes. She presented the perfume in October 2011 at the shop. This perfume was launched by Tulisa at the perfume shop on Oxford.
TFB is a great perfume that is full of great fragrant. It’s a quietly confident perform that consists of top notes of spices, gentle roses and sweet jasmine to create a feminine floral scent. This perfume is in an elegantly designed purple bottle that is translucent and also attractive and perfect in any dressing table. Its presented in a large gift box with sleeves and also has a great shot of tulisa.TFB is available in two sizes,50ml and 100ml spray bottles and the product is not tested on animals. The size is easy to carry and therefore accommodates ladies.
Tulisa came up with this fragrant perfume since she wanted a body spray that she could wear all day and can also be worn at night. This fragrant is one of the best that can be found in the store. It can be worn on all skin types since it contains natural compounds that are skin friendly. The perfumes are not irritable and therefore one feels fresh all day even after working on broad sunlight. It can be found on all perfumes outlets at an affordable price.


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