Quarterfinals on "Dancing with the Stars"

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Recap of the quarterfinals on "Dancing with the Stars" in a show that was filled with emotion, perfect dances, and a surprise elimination.

The Showstoppers

Only six couples remain on season 21 of “Dancing with the Stars”; with only three weeks left in the competition.

As the show opened and the dancers were introduced, one of the stars was missing. Host Tom Bergeron said that earlier in the day, Tamar Braxton was taken to the hospital; but he had no further details. He added that Tamar may be able to return and perform but they do not have any further details at this time.

Along with their usual couples dances, the stars will have to dance a “showstopper” routines...including a side by side dance without their professional partners!

On this Veteran's holiday week, Army man Alek and Lindsay get the night of dancing started off with a Salsa routine. After complimenting Alek on his look and attire, Julianne said that the dance was fun to watch and a great way to start the show; but Alek had some mistakes. Bruno said that Alek had swagger and looked like a playboy out of “Miami Vice” - Tom explains what “Miami Vice” is -; and it was good to see him play the part; but the dance needed fluidity and hip action. Noting that Alek has come so far and has enhanced his performance, Carrie Ann didn't feel the music and Alek's body came together. Alek and Lindsay scored 24 points for their dance.

Alexa and Mark performed a Contemporary dance telling of Alexa's six year struggle with bolemia that brought a standing ovation from the judges. Saying that Alexa danced like a woman possessed, Bruno said the performance had the emotional turmoil of a dark psycho drama; adding that the choreography was brilliant. Calling the routine incredible, Carrie Ann said it was more than a dance; it was healing and Alexa inspired us all. Noting that the choreography was great, Julianne said the dance was raw and much bigger than Alexa. Erin called the routine brilliant; adding that she had goosebumps all over. Alexa and Mark earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Carlos and Witney performed an Argentine Tango to a Justin Bieber song. While she thought the dance was clean and nice, Carrie Ann said the dance didn't do Carlos justice and didn't touch or impact her. Julianne called Carlos an amazing dancer; adding that he did great; but she felt the dance didn't have the passion. Disagreeing with his fellow judges, Bruno said the dance had the element of a dysfunctional relationship; adding that he dug it. Carlos and Witney scored 27 points for their dance.

Bindi and Derek performed a Viennese Waltz that left Bindi shaking and brought the judges to their feet. Also shaking, Julianne said that there was a maturity about the dance; adding that it was a very traditional Viennese Waltz that had grace and bauty. Bruno said that the dance spoke for itself and showed what an accomplished dancer Bindi has become. Bruno called the dance a thing of beauty. Agreeing with Julianne, Carrie Ann compared watching Bindi to watching a sunrise; adding that Bindi is an extraordinary being. Bindi and Derek also earned a perfect scored for their dance.

Update on Tamar: she has still not returned from the hospital. Tamar and Val are scheduled to perform a Contemporary dance to “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak. Tom announced that according to the rules, the judges would be scoring on a tape of the dress rehearsal. Tom spoke with Val after the dance and Val noted that what they saw was a person who should not have been there but was because she didn't want to let down her teacher. Val revealed the Tamar had pneumonia. Noting that it was difficult to judge, Bruno said that Val's concept was brilliant but the dance had a lot of mistakes. Carrie Ann called it a wicked shame; adding that Tamar is a brilliant performer. Julianne said the concept was great but the performance looked like a dress rehearsal. Tamar and Vall scored 22 points for their dance. Tom noted that they still do not know whether Tamar will return and be able to dance in the second round.

The final performance of round one was a Quckstep from Nick and Sharna that had the audience screaming. Saying that she was happy to see that Nick hadn't lost any of his mojo from last week, Carrie Ann thought the dance was good but Nick was a tad out of sync on part of the dance. While she felt that Nick was a little down in hold; out of hold the performance was straight out of Broadway. Disagreeing with his fellow judges, Bruno said that it was Nathan Detroit from “Guys and Dolls” dancing with Jessica Rabbit; adding that it was a dance made in movie heaven. Erin noted that Nick had some friends in the house – the rest of the guys from the Backstreet Boys. Nick and Sharna scored 28 points for their dance.

Round One Couples Scores:
Tamar and Val - 22
Alek and Lindsay – 24
Carlos and Witney – 27
Nick and Sharna - 28
Alexa and Mark – 30
Bindi and Derek – 30

Up first in the Showstopper round were Alek and Lindsay and Carlos and Witney with a Paso Doble to the Queen stadium anthem “We Will Rock You” from the cruise ship show by the same name. While Julianne thought the lift was amazing, she thought the guys missed a big opportunity for their solo segment; adding that she thought the performance was a little stale. Bruno thought that Feddie Mercury would have loved the routine but noted that the Paso Dobe was about a bull and the guys held back; but the overall effect was great. Noting that it was a big song, Carrie Ann said the guys didn't fill the shoes for the show and they were a bit out of sync while dancing at the judge's table. Carrie Ann said that the guys movements looked small compared to the song. The group scored 24 points for their dance.

Tom revealed that Tamar was supposed to be making her way back to the studio but didn't know whether she would make it before the end of the show.

Bindi and Derek and Alexa and Mark performed a Charleston from the six time Tony Award winning Broadway show “Chicago” including “All that Jazz”. Bruno called the dance an Academy Award nominating performance and right on the money; noting that Fosse rules. Carrie Ann called the dance reinvention at its fineset; adding the girls had great team work. Calling the performance perfect, Julianne said that she wished she was doing the number with them. The team earned a perfect score for their dance; giving both couples a perfect score of 60 for the night.

Tamar has made it to the studio and will hopefully be ready to perform a Rumba from the Cirque do Soleil show “The Beatles Love” with Nick and Sharna. This is the only team that has a female celebrity and a male celebrity. The couples with be dancing to the finale from the show - “Hey Jude”. Tamar and Nick opened and ended their dance dancing together. Asking Tamar what she was thinking, Tom revealed that if Tamar had not been able to perform, she and Val would have been the couple going home tonight. Saying that she had nothing but respect for Tamar, Carrie Ann was astounded by Tamar's courage to come back; adding that it was a fantastic performance and no one let anyone down. Julianne said that what they just witnessed was what the Beatles were singing about – Love; adding that Nick stepped it up as a leading man. Bruno called the performance a celebration of what the show is all about; adding that it was hypnotic, magical, and a psychodelic dream. The team scored 27 points for their dance.

Showstopper Scores:
Team Alek and Carlos – 24
Team Tamar and Nick - 27
Team Alexa and Bindi - 30

Total Scores:
Tamar and Val – 22 + 27 = 49
Alek and Lindsay – 24 + 24 = 48
Carlos and Witney – 27 + 24 = 51
Nick and Sharna – 28 + 27 = 56
Alexa and Mark – 30 + 30 = 60
Bindi and Derek – 30 + 30 = 60

Bindi and Derek are safe. Joining them are Nick and Sharna, Alek and Lindsay, and Tamar and Val.

Married celebrities Alexa and Carlos are the two in jeopardy this week with one of them going home.

Despite earning a perfect score for both of her performances, Alexa and Mark were eliminated from the competition. In a very emotional reaction, Carlos told Alexa that he wished it had been him.


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