Reasons Why Netflix Or Other Networks Should Pick Up Person Of Interest

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Person of Interest is the most original and unique series to hit TV in many years. The premise is something that has never been done. The writing is excellent and the acting by Michael Emerson, Jim Cavaziel, and the rest of this wonderful cast is some of the best acting I have ever seen on a TV series. I am also sure that millions of other fans cannot be wrong.

Please Save Person Of Interest

This is the letter I wrote to Netflix asking them to consider picking up Person of Interest for next fall. I want to share this far and wide and I am hoping that every fan gives this a try.

Person of Interest has a cult following and CBS do not realize just how many fans this show has. In all fairness, CBS only only have the rights to broadcast this series and the only profit they make is from ratings, so their decision to cut a show that has been critically acclaimed for four seasons to half a season was stupid in many fan's opinions. However, they are a business and ratings are what drives a TV network.

The creators of this show did not see it ending after four and a half seasons, in fact one of the creators recently said that Person of Interest has been planned out to go for at least six full seasons, perhaps seven. The way this story has been told has been perfect in every way. The creators have solved certain mysteries and developed their characters at exactly the right speed. There is more than enough story there left to tell to keep fans interested for many seasons. When I first saw Season one, I knew the creators had enough there to tell a wonderful story for at least five seasons.

So here we are at Season five which is due to premiere on CBS in January, possibly November if we are lucky. We just have to hope that one of CBS's new shows tanks, which is a possibility. If this show was shown at a decent time, it would rate well and make the network who chooses to make a deal with the owners of this show a tidy profit. CBS ruined their great ratings of Person of Interest when they moved it to a 10 pm Tuesday timeslot.

There is a plus side to this too, given that Netflix have picked up Season 1,2 and 3 on demand streaming, this show could end up with so many more fans, and this could lead to a younger audience. For Person of Interest this will boost there ratings through the roof and if Netflix pick up the show, it will rate it's pants off.

The millions of fans all over the world will subscribe to Netflix just to get this show, I believe this because many fans have told me this. I will move heaven and earth to get access to the US Netflix if they pick up POI and I can also guarantee that no fan of this show wants to see it end. This show is also popular in Australia and many fans will watch via Netflix because the Nine Network in Australia treat this show like rubbish! They take it off and on their network like a yoyo, and it's no wonder they are lucky to get 200,000 viewers.

If Person of Interest Ends, Nolan and Plagemann's Story WIll Never Be Told

What the fans want is for the creators to tell the story as planned, and not rush it to finish up the show in fifteen episodes. It will ruin this show and Season five will not be relevant to this series. Not in my opinion and not in many fan's opinions.

In my opinion if Person of Interest ends after fifteen episodes in 2016, I will consider the Season Four finale to be the series end. The story left to tell can not be summed up in fifteen episodes, no matter how great the writing is.

I really hope that Netflix or another network that might be interested decide to pick up the rights to this series. Little do many people realise, but there are millions of fans who do not want to see it end this way, for many reasons and for the reasons outlined above.

The sad thing is, that this show is an original concept and idea, and many other writers and film creators will try to copy this series and make their own versions of artificial intelligence TV shows. Every new show that is similar to Person of Interest will suck. A lot of the fans feel as though there are many TV executives out there who have failed to see how great this show is, perhaps it is up to the fans to show the way.

Netflix; please consider what has been said here. I am certain there are a lot of fans campaigning TV networks to pick up Person of Interest.

We Love This Show and We Will Fight to the Very End.

And when it feel like there is not more that can be done, we will always have hope that one day POI might return

This letter has been previously published on JelWrites,
What'sOnTheBox and a copy has been sent to the Netflix Media department.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
11th Sep 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Kyra
12th Sep 2015 (#)

Actually i'm going to be very glad if Person of Interest is FINALLY over.

Season 4 WAS ABSOLUTELY terrible. Thousand of miles away from its once greatness. The storytelling changed from clever and smart to just stupid.

Millions of fans stopped watching. I think the show is done.

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author avatar William Osterberg
4th May 2016 (#)

I have yet to see season 4 but cannot get enough of the earlier stuff. It is the only show that I look forward to seeing regularly.

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