Roadkill Couture? Not The Way to Go

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Up and coming fashion designer has now found a way to wear fur and be guilt free, or so he thinks.

Roadkill Courture, fashion genius or fashion faux paux

Searching through my emails today I came across an article that really caught my attention. It was about the latest fashion trend but was more a bashing article rather than one of praise. The gist of it is that since everyone is afraid to wear natural fur for fear of animal rights activists, he says he found a way to wear fur guilt free. Now that is all fine and dandy if he thinks he found an amazing way to make people think wearing their beloved Fido is not taboo but the way he goes about it seems a bit macabre.

The reason I say that it is macabre is not so much the real fur part but in the way he gets his fur, skulls and skins, by means of roadkill. Yes you read right everyone road kill is the next fashion trend according to designer Jess Eaton from the UK. Now maybe some morbid people don't mind wearing the carcass of an animal but I for one do. Especially if it was taken of off my local highway and not treated the way that normal high end fur is treated before becoming fashionable. Now I know that sounds awful to some that I would wear fur but hey I know most people do and our ancestor wore fur constantly to help keep warm.

Now this artist claims that the roadkill fashion is going to be all the rage in the years to come and has went so far as to make a whole web page full of her designs. Grant it I do love some of the designs but I would never wear them as they are road kill and it just seems morbid to wear. Below are a few pics that I have gotten to show you what she makes out of her kills that she finds.Of course this photo is from her website and I have saved it to use here to show you what exactly she does with her creatures.

Grant it this is one of her more macabre pieces that she has done and believe me she has done some amazing pieces but still not for me. Now my question to everyone else is would any of you wear these fashion items and where would you wear them too? I mean it's not like these are everyday pieces that you can wear to your local market and not get looks.


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