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After Tamar withdrew from the competition last week, who went home and who made it to the finals and one last shot at the trophy?

Semi Finals

Last week on “Dancing with the Stars” there was a bit of turmoil that resulted in a firestorm of controversy on social media when Tamar Braxton spent most of the show at the hospital and returned just in time to perform the final number and hear the result. Two days later she withdraws from the competition due to some serious medical issues with blood clots in her lungs.

Tamar's return to the show ensured there would be an eliminated and despite earning a perfect score, Alexa and Mark were eliminated from the competition. The decisions lit up social media with fans crying foul and screaming for Alexa's return to the show. DWTS has never brought back a star after elimination; including after a withdrawal for medical reasons.

Tonight it's the semi finals and the four remaining teams will dance it off for a chance in the finals and a shot at the mirrorball trophy. For the first time in the semi finals the couples will be performing three dances – one they have not done before, a trio dance, and a dance off.

The semi finalists pros open the show with a routine choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Bindi and Derek get the night of competition started off with a Salsa. Julianne said that it was a perfect song for Bindi and while the dance was clean and clear, Julianne wanted to see more down and dirty. Saying that it was wonderful watching Bindi, Bruno said the piece lacked some Salsa hip action. Noting that it was a great way to start the semi finals, Carrie Ann wanted to see more edge. Bindi and Derek scored 27 points for their Salsa.

French train hero Alek and Lindsay danced a Waltz to “America the Beautiful”. Before going to the judges for comments, host Tom Bergeron spoke of the recent events in Paris. Alek said that his heart goes out to everyone in France. Saying that Alek captured the sweeping majesty of an eagle, Bruno noted that he didn't believe how far Alek has come this season. Calling Alek steadfast and noble, Carrie Ann said that the dance of breathtaking and Alek's best dance ever. Noting that the competition is really tight, Julianne said that Alek felt so comfortable and had the whole package. Alek and Lindsay earned their first 10 when they earned a perfect score from the judges.

Carlos and Witney perform a Contemporary routine to One Direction with a little help from a hangng rope. Carrie Ann had mixed feelings about the performance; saying that they went for it but she wanted to see more straight dancing. Agreeing with Carrie Ann, Julianne said that when he danced, it was phenomenal but felt that Carlos and Witney were losing a bit of their connection. Bruno had other thoughts on the performance saying, “right here right now that was bloody good;” adding that it was like Tarzan doing Cirque du Soleil. Bruno said htat he had never seen anything like it and wanted to see it again. Getting a 10 from Bruno, Carlos and Witney scored 28 points for their dance.

After an emotional video package, the final dance in round one was Nick and Sharna with a Tango. Saying that it could have been a great dance, Julianne noted that there were some footwook issues at the beginning of the dance. Bruno said that Nick looked and played the part; adding that the chemistry between Nick and Sharna sizzled. Bruno noted that mistakes happen to everyone. Carrie Ann said that she wasn't worried about Nick. Nick and Sharna scored only 24 points for their dance.

In an update on Tamar; she is still in the hospital with multiple blood clots in both lungs. Her very frequent flying over the past couple of months may have been the cause. Val said that Tamar loved every moment of her time on the show.

Round two is the dance off. Bindi and Derek will go up against Nick and Sharna; and Carlos and Witney and Alek and Lindsay will go up against each other.

First up was Alek and Lindsay and Carlos and Witney with a Cha Cha. Julianne said that Alek sold it but was a little off; while Carlos was spot on. Noting that both guys had open shirts, Bruno called it a chest off; adding that Alek had a few timing issues. Saying that it was a matter of tase, Carrie Ann felt both guys were equal; adding that Carlos was fluid, but she was impressed with Alek. With a two to one vote Carlos and Witney won the round and will have three extra points added to their scores.

Bindi and Derek and Nick and Sharna danced a Samba. Bruno said that he couldn't believe the amount of content in both dances; adding that it was a proper Samba. Noting that Nick came back strong, Carrie Ann said that Bindi brought the grit. Saying that she loved that Bindi brought the grit; Julianne said that Nick brought it. In a unanimous decision, Bindi and Derek won the round and will have three extra points added to their scores.

Kicking off rthe Trio round Bindi and Derek bring in Mark for a Jazz routine. Calling Bindi a little ninja warrior princess, Julianne love the innovaton; adding the dance was amazing and Bindi didn't miss a beat. Bruno called the routine a totally compelling work of genius. After making TV movie martial arts sounds, Carrie Ann said that it was like a professional dance company. Bindi and Derek earned a perfect score of 30 for their Jazz dance and have a total of 60 points for the night.

Alek and Lindsay recruit Alek's switch up partner Emma for an Argentine Tango to “Exs and Ohs”. Saying that it takes three to Tango, Bruno said that Alek handled it like an expert; adding that the dance showed off all of Alek's strenghths. Noting that Alek very sure footed, Carrie Ann said that the dance was dynamic and executed with power. Agreeng with Carrie Ann, Julianne said that she felt the dance lost a little at the end but had some beautiful choreography. Alek, Lindsay, and Emma scored 27 points for their dance and have a total of 57 points for the night.

Carlos and Witney chose Karina for their trio Charleston. It was the first time all of them had ever danced a Charleston. Host Tom Bergeron called them naturals. Noting that the dance was so much fun, Carrie Ann couldn't take her eyes off of Carlos; but felt as a group they were a little out of sync. Saying that Carlos took over the dance, Julianne said that Carlos looked like the professional and was tight, sharp, and clean. Saying that Carlos stole the show from the girls, Bruno said that it was like watching Charlie Chaplin and Ben Vereen. Carlos, Witney, and Karina scored 29 points for their Charleston and have a total of 60 points.

In the final dance of the night Peta Murgatroyd returns after an injury to dance a Salsa with Nick and Sharna that brought rousing cheers from the crowd. Julianne said that all the Nick that they have seen all season was in that dance; adding that she thinks Nick is still a contender. Saying that's how you come back, Bruno called the dance a hit with a little Timberlake and a little Jackson in there. Bruno said that he hoped Nick was staying with them. Saying that Nick made a comeback Carrie Ann said that that was the most solid on his feet Nick had been; adding that Nick had upped his game. Carrie Ann said that the Backstreet Boy is back!. Nick, Sharna, and Peta scored 30 points for their Salsa and have a total of 54 points.

Couple Dance scores:
Nick and Sharna - 24
Bindi and Derek – 27
Carlos and Witney - 28
Alek and Lindsay – 30

Dace Off Scores:
Carlos and Witney – 3
Bindi and Derek – 3

Trio Round Scores:
Alek, Lindsay, and Emma – 27
Carlos, Witney, and Karina - 29
Bindi, Derek, and Mark – 30
Nick, Sharna, and Peta - 30

Total scores:
Nick and Sharna – 24 + 30 = 54
Alek and Lindsay – 30 + 27 = 57
Bindi and Derek – 27 + 3 + 30 = 60
Carlos and Witney – 28 + 3 + 29 = 60

It has been the policy that whenever a dancer had to withdraw, that no one went home the following week; but Tom and Erin revealed the results for this week saying that...

Alek and Lindsay were safe! Joining them in the finals was Carlos and Witney; which meant that Bindi and Derek and Nick and Sharna were both in jeopardy and in danger of going home.

Then Tom revealed that... one would be eliminated this week! All four couple will compete next week in the finals.


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