Some Prominent Leaders of the Middle East

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The Middle east is an important area of the world, but presently is in a state of strife. However some leaders do have a hand in the destiny of the Middle east. Its worth havinga a look at them

Leaders of the Middle East

The Middle East is an important area that straddles the ancient route between Europe and Asia. Comprising a predominant Muslim population, the Middle East is ruled by despotic regimes. Democracy is virtually unknown, as these states for centuries have only known autocracy. An agitation, swept away many despotic leaders like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Earlier the USA had toppled another dictator Saddam Hussain of Iraq.

The Genesis of the Middle East Problems

The genesis of the present problems lies in the Sykes-Picot agreement between Britain and France, signed in 1916. This agreement carved up the Middle East in a whimsical way and all present day problems can be traced to this agreement.

The Middle East is presently in ferment with extremist Muslim organizations like Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings. These organizations have their own agenda for a Muslim Caliphate across the region. In such a situation some leaders have survived and given effective leadership.

The Ruler of Dubai : Sheikh Al Maktoum

The first name is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Maktoum is the anti-thesis of rulers in other Muslim states.He is pragmatic and progressive. With his vision he has transferred Dubai into a major financial and commercial center. His approach is secular as he is perhaps the only ruler who has allowed a Church and Sikh Gurudwara to be built at Jebel Ali in Dubai.
Sheikh Maktoum is furthering his dream of making Dubai into a mega metropolis. He has strong relations with the USA and has steered clear of sectarian politics based on religion.

King Abdullah II

The next name that crops up is that of Jordan’s Abdullah II. Abdullah II is handicapped, as his country has no oil and is a barren desert. He is a staunch ally of the USA which subsidizes the Jordanian economy. He draws his strength from tribes on the East bank, which has traditionally supported the Hashemite dynasty.
Husain has faced some sporadic demonstrations against his rule, but he has held on to power. He would like to usher in democracy, but the tribes that support him do not allow him. Abdullah II remains the best bet of the USA.

The Ruler of Saudi Arabia

The ruler of Saudi Arabia is the next man who has made a great impact in the region. Presiding over an autocratic regime, the king along with his duty as head of state is also the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques of Masjid al Haram in Mecca and Masjid al-Nabawi in Medina.

The King presides over a autocratic regime that enforces the Sharia in all walks of life. He is in full control of the country and is also funding Muslim Madrasas all over the world. He is allied with the USA and that gives him breathing space. He is the most durable of the leaders in the Middle East.

President Assad of Syria

President Bashar Al-Assad the President of Syria cannot be ignored. Despite an insurrection against him supported by the West, Assad remains in Control. There is a realization in the west that the opposition against Assad has been infiltrated by extremist Muslim organizations like al Qaeda. His ouster is most unlikely with Iran and Russia backing him.
Assad is the great survivor as the Arab spring has not been able to dislodge him The USA is now beating the war drum against him, but this could be a double edged sword and boomerang on the USA itself with a bigger conflagration that may well swallow Israel. Remember Israel is so tiny that even one H Bomb will do the trick.

Prime Minister Netanyahu

No list can be complete without Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Israel is the only democracy in the region. Netanyahu has his hands full facing the entire Arab World. Israel does not have a single friend in the Middle East.

The separate peace with Egypt was in serious jeopardy when Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were in power. Netanyahu heads the most powerful state in the Middle East. He is the most effective leader and his actions dictate the course of events in the entire region. One sincerely hopes he is pragmatic and does not beat the war drum with the USA He must remember no Muslim will support Israel.

Al Baghdadi

Among these leaders one cannot omit this mans name who heads the ISI. He is a terrorist , but seems to have 9 lives as despite repeated attempts to eliminate him all have failed. He had recently married a American aid worker and she was killed in an allied bombing raid. There are rumors that Baghdadi is injured, but he continues to kill people over vast areas captured by his mujahadeen.

Last Word

The above selection is based on my personal perception having studied the events in the middle east for many years as well as traveled all over the place. There are other leaders, but their impact on the politics of the Middle East is minimal.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting take Madan.

The whole area is in turmoil with outsiders adding fuel to the fire. They are led more by fanatical adherence to their beliefs that make them intoxicated with intolerance.

The only way is for the people to get educated and keep their minds occupied with work to earn a living than on handouts from their governments - siva

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