St. Tropez beach club, La Voile Rouge.

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St Tropez's infamous La Voile Rouge Club Restaurant first opened its doors in 1966 by Paul Tomaselli. Has now closed its doors after 45 years.The notorious birth place of the beach club scene, frequented by the Rich and famous.

Party Time on a late June Sunday Afternoon.

I am not sure if it was the year 2006 or 2007, and living in Monaco it was a normal Sunday Tradition to take our 26 foot Riva Motor Boat, and Cruise down to La Voile Rouge in St Tropez with Friends. There were six of us; Patty a elegant older American lady, and very active for her 74 years of age. A middle-aged German couple Hans and Ingrid, and there thirty year old son Marcus.

We had hired a captain for the Day so we could enjoy ourselves, and my husband Leslie could enjoy himself too. We sunbathed on the lounger and drank Champagne while cruising down to St Tropez. We made good time it took fifty minutes to arrive in the waters of Pampelonne beach in St Tropez.
The sea was full of Yachts as we anchored: the Captain had to phone Viole Rouge to arrange for their boat to pick us up. We were told it would be ten minutes as they were bust picking up other people from the various yachts anchored nearby.

Hans and Ingrid said they were going to swim to the restaurant, and I said I would join them. We dived in and the water was warm; people waved from their yachts as we swam past them. As I swam i felt something touch my legs, and I ignored it and carried on Swimming. Hans was the first to reach the beach, and Ingrid and I arrived at the same time. As I walked out of the sea I could feel my ankle stinging, and As i looked down there were red whelp marks on my ankle.
Hans looked at my ankle and said I had been stung by jelly fish. We sat on the beach waiting for our company who were just getting out of the small ferry boat from the Restaurant. We were given our beach wear to put on, and as we walked into the restaurant. A lifeguard noticed the marks of the jellyfish; he gave me a cloth soaked in Vinegar, and told me to put it on my ankle. It did stop the stinging after; I thanked him and walked towards our table.

White umbrellas covered all the tables which were covered in red cloths under white table cloths and Red roses. Red wine glasses; the chairs white with red cushions, and red serviettes. The music was playing and it was busy at the bar; we joined Dutch friends Jaap And Peggy of ours who's anniversary it was.

There was an International crowd, and we ordered Champagne. Another Dutch friend of ours Marie came over she was with another crowd of People from Monaco Philip Green from Top-shop, and guests. She had one drink with us and said her goodbyes. Jaap and Peggy joined us at our table making it eight; it was normal that everyone had lunch and then after the party would start.
During lunch you would have models walk around modeling clothes from the boutiques on the beach. I had bought many clothes, and shoes during these many Sunday afternoon parties.

Voile Rouge after lunch Party time.

We had just finished our lunch and then the music started to blare out loudly. All the bar staff six in total came out dressed in Pirate costumes, and two men had magnums of Champagne in their hands.
The son of the original owner came out with a large sword, and struck the corks of the bottles of Champagne. They shook the bottle, and walked amongst the tables spraying all the customers. No one got angry this was normal at Voile Rouge anything went. People started dancing on the tables, and people ordered bottles of Champagne just to spray.
It was mostly the young people that danced on the tables; us older ones just danced by the tables. There was every nationality there, and everyone was friendly. It was a good two hours later, and the Champagne flowed. Marie came over with a small gentlemen, and introduced him. He asked me to dance in an Irish accent, and as we danced Marie put her arms around him joining us.
I spoke Dutch to Marie and spoke English to the man. I never did get his name and as I spoke to him; he said I do not not like the English. He said he thought I was Dutch because I spoke Dutch with Marie. I told him he was ignorant and not a nice person. He was the first person I encountered that was not nice. As I walked away from him I said that I had Irish Ancestors too.

My husband asked what was wrong as I joined him and Jaap sat at the table, and I told him about Eddy Jordan. Jaap laughed, and said we had all been invited to a party that night with Eddy Jordan. Leslie said that we would not be going to it, and Jaap said he would not too as Eddy had a bit too much to drink. He said sometimes he could be a bit too much when he drank.

Leslie and I said our goodbyes to everyone and walked towards the beach. Coming towards us were Bono, and his band members from U2. He smiled and held out his hand and said Hello. We shook hands, and Edge went to shake my husbands had; my husband refused and walked on.
Edge looked surprised and walked away laughing. I said goodbye to Bono, and walked towards my husband. We sat waiting for our friends, and the ferry boat to take us to our Boat. I asked Leslie why he did not shake hands with Edge from U2; he said he did not know him, and smiled.

Our friends arrived just at the same time as the ferry boat, Salvatore our Captain was glad as the sun was beginning to set into it's bed for the night. We all fell asleep on the way home, and it was dark as we parked into the harbor of Monaco. We all said our goodbyes, and made an appointment for the following Sunday. Before Hans left he asked if he could bring friends with him; one being a Princess. He said he had such a good time he wanted his friends to enjoy it too.

We enjoyed many Sunday afternoons at Le Voile Rouge Club over the years; meeting many film stars over the years. It was a shame when it closed its doors in November 2011. It was first beach club to have topless guests.
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Actually they stole this saying from LE VOILE ROUGE club. Adieu old friend you will be sorrily missed by everyone.


La Voile Rouge Club, St Tropez France

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