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Is the price of watching pro sports live starting to weight heavy on your wallet?

For the Love of the Game

I have seen lots of sporting events from the comfort of my own home, the best advantage viewing point, in my opinion. I just pay the monthly dish bill and I am all set. I have also been to a few live sporting events years back and do not plan on attending any more. For me, it is a real pain. You first have the insane parking lot to deal with. If you thought shopping for groceries on Sunday put your life at risk, try going to a football game. The true animal emerges from half-crazed sports fans. Then there is waiting in the line of eternity to enter the stadium itself. No matter how many times I have been out in public to attend something, there is invariably at least one person insisting that they have to usher people to move faster while stepping on the back of my shoes. There is the pushing, squeezing, brushing against, and odor. People cough, sneeze and do the throat phlegm noise. They overtly stink of their proud perfume that has an aroma that could level Tacoma or at least gag a maggot. My favorite is all the tripe laced phonics being broadcast around my ears. I am so glad that at times like these people can't read my mind or I would certainly be trampled by the crowd.

Painting by Numbers

After going through the concessions area which should be referred to as the confessions area, as people are still jabbering away, you go to your assigned seat. Here, again, there is always someone who insists that you are mistaken in your seat assignment, even though your ticket is planted firmly in your hand with the number on it in plain view. I remember feeling painted into the seat, as it was hard and not very large, a little bit more accommodating than a sardine fit. Looking down the uniform seats with the other people lined up like the keys on a huge musical instrument and the construction of the stadium itself is more intriguing to me than the games are. There is always live entertainment, besides whatever half-time activities are planned. People get into fights, drunken brawls erupt, children throw fits, people sing and dance. All around this is great entertainment, if you can stand that much humanity in your dance space.

Price of Admiration

I am not sure how many chairs align the seating portion of a stadium but at around fifty dollars to several hundred dollars a piece, depending on what seat you want, I hope everyone really gets their dollars worth. I figure even at the cheapest seat, the average person spends about one hundred dollars between parking, ticket and concessions. Some people are willing to spend a bit more money for a better seat to truly enjoy the game but others are willing to spend much more than that. It all depends on how big a fan you are and how important it is to you. Maybe I am being too cynical and perhaps some stadium rules of behavior have changed but that doesn't matter. If I want to tune into my sport of choice, I have many channels to choose from on the good ol' dish. I don't have to pay for parking or food. I can visit the ladies room without having to feel like i am going through a mosh pit to get there. I can sit back with my big bowl of popcorn and get a fantastic view from my comfortable couch without any annoyance.


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30th May 2011 (#)

nobody forces anyone to pay high prices, as long as the market will bare it prices will keep going up, and players/owners will continue to get rich off the dummies that pay the prices.

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16th Nov 2011 (#)

Great article, I love it. Keep up with the good work

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