Tales Of Trafficked Women

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The Internet is replete with horrific tales by victims of human trafficking. Thankfully, most of them are not credible.

Tales Of Trafficked Women - 1

In case you didn’t realise it, the word trafficking and declensions thereof is the new narrative of the anti-prostitution industry, whether the traditional moral crusaders or the third wave feminist man-haters for whom prostitution is rape, pornography is rape, everything is rape. This is not to say there are not selfish people, evil people, or even monsters out there. We have all heard of the Cleveland Captives, Josef Fritzl, Ted Bundy, stories of inhumanity and depravity that beggar belief, so there is no need to exaggerate their crimes or invent new ones. Sadly, many people do, and some have made a living out of it. Let us examine a few of these accusers. We begin with arguably the biggest fraud of all: Somaly Mam.

The inspirational story of Somaly Mam began in 1991, two years after aid worker Pierre Legros arrived in Phnom Penh. She was working as a prostitute when they met, but two years later, he married her. While some Cambodian women had and have serious problems, prostitution is a voluntary act. In spite of her sordid past, with the help of her husband, Mam was able to transform the tale of a redeemed fallen woman into that of a saintly virgin rescued by a knight in shining armour. Okay, not quite a virgin, but spiritually pure.

She went on to found a not-for-profit and rub shoulders with the famous and influential, including the well-meaning but at times gullible Susan Sarandon, and Hillary Clinton, whose fall from grace is a lot slower than Mam’s, but rest assured, it has started.

Mam’s autobiography The Road Of Lost Innocence was highly acclaimed by the gullibles, as evinced by a large number of five star reviews on Amazon, but when a woman sounds too good to be true, she probably is, and an investigation into her early life by journalists with integrity - yes, there are a few! - soon revealed serious cracks in her story. For one thing, Mam was not sold into slavery by her grandfather!

Everyone is prone to lapses of memory, exaggeration and the occasional lie, but there are limits, and her story went way beyond these. It wasn’t only herself she lied about. One of the girls she claimed to have rescued had lost an eye; this was said to have been gouged out by a pimp. While anyone losing an eye is tragic, this tragedy was not the result of wanton cruelty, indeed the girl in question was not the victim of inhumanity or sadism, but the very opposite. An investigation by the current affairs programme 101 East revealed Long Pros suffered from a rare medical condition. At the age of seven she developed a tumour, which was removed in 2005 when she was thirteen. A non-governmental organisation helped her family with the costs; the operation was carried out by Dr. Pok Thorn, a leading specialist in the field. But for this, she might have lost more than an eye.

Somaly Mam denied any knowledge of the true cause of Long Pros’ deformity, but the evidence that she has lied, lied, lied, to raise money for her foundation - and her own handsome salary - led to the fall of an icon. Here is pundit Tim Black dishing the dirt on Mam in his own inimitable way. Don’t blame this one on the patriarchy, take the responsibility yourself!

Unlike Somaly Mam, no one ever called Virginia Roberts a saint. She worked for/with Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who had a penchant for “massages” from underage girls. While underage girls are rightly off limits to older men, the tale of woe told by Miss Roberts is not backed up by facts. While Somaly Mam’s claim to have been sold into sex slavery was plausible, Virginia Roberts enjoyed the jet set lifestyle being flown around the world in comfort and well rewarded for her services. It was only when that lifestyle was behind her and the money had run out that she came forward with slurs on the rich and famous, including Prince Andrew. She was actually photographed with him, so her claim has that much credibility. However, by that time she was over the age of consent, and Andrew was happily divorced. Furthermore, she made these allegations years down the line, so no one should take them too seriously, and indeed only the tabloids and their small-minded followers have. What credibility she may have had was further damaged by her dragging Alan Dershowitz into her lawsuit. As a lawyer, lecturer and regular pundit, he too has a full diary dating back decades, so now she has made at least two false allegations too many.

Next we come to Natasha Herzig. We need not waste too much time on her, a documentary team already has. You can read the review here; make sure you at least run your eye over it before you watch any of her interviews or her performances on YouTube and other video sites. It is difficult to credit that none of the talking heads who question her or others who promote her horrific fantasies is the least bit skeptical about her misadventures.

Karla Jacinto is not cut from the same cloth as Herzig, Virginia Roberts, or Somaly Mam, but the claim that between the ages of 12 and 16 she was raped 43,200 times (forty-three thousand two hundred) was too much even for Daily Mail readers, while others have expressed outright skepticism or laughed at her. In Mexico, the minimum age of consent is 12 - which is far too low - but the law is not that simple. Nor are the police that corrupt. Karla’s unbelievable story was related to the good men and women of the American Congress, who allowed their humanity to get the better of their common sense. Think about it, what condition would a girl of sixteen be in if she had been sexually violated a tiny fraction of that number of times? Even more extraordinary is her claim that she became pregnant and gave birth while this was happening before finally being rescued from the brothel where she was being held captive. In other words, like Somaly Mam, Karla was a prostitute, and as any police officer will tell you, prostitutes are far from the most credible of witnesses.

Next we come to Verna Joseph, whose lies may not be quite as outrageous as those mouthed by Karla (at the behest of her manipulators), but likewise she has serious credibility issues. Saint Lucia native and mother of eight Joseph turned up at Manchester Airport on February 8, 2005 with a suitcase full of cocaine. A man who is caught in flagrante delicto in such fashion would probably say “It’s a fair cop, guv”, or claim the drugs had been planted, but in accord with the women can do no wrong narrative, Joseph blamed her predicament on a vicious gang of miscreants who had threatened her offspring. Her defence of duress did not impress the jury, and the judge gave her a 9 year sentence.

Her appeal against sentence was refused, but in November 2016 - after the completion of that sentence - the Court of Appeal heard so-called fresh evidence of duress in the form of an expert report from Dr Amanda Jones. This purported to show compelling psychological evidence that she had been trafficked. Along with rape trauma syndrome, this sort of nonsense has no place in a courtroom. Joseph claims to have been raped in the UK (since her release) as well as on Saint Lucia, although for some reason she wanted to stay here, and was granted asylum. While accepting if only to a degree she had been trafficked, the Court of Appeal did not quash her conviction.

Verna Joseph appears to have been paroled well before the end of her 9 year sentence, something that is far from unusual in the UK. In June 2011, the Guardian reported not only that she had given birth to her ninth child but that the baby had been seized from her immediately afterwards. She was said to have had a history of depression, although the paper omitted to mention that she also had a history of cocaine smuggling.

Tales Of Trafficked Women - 2

Our final testimony is from the woman who is arguably the most deranged of this sad bunch, although if you heard her speak of mundane things you would probably think her the most rational.

Carol Knuth’s testimony can be found on YouTube. She begins sounding rational enough, in fact if one considers only the tone of her voice, she sounds rational throughout. She was trafficked from age fifteen but was sexually abused from an early age - her first memories were of sexual abuse by her father and other members of her family. That is unlikely although unfortunately families like that do exist, but she claims that at age three she was put in a foster home, where she got religion. It is well documented that memories from that age are extremely unreliable, so even if she is sincere, she is probably wrong.

Her father divorced or was divorced, and remarried. She was returned to her home where she was physcially beaten, and claims to be hearing impaired on account of this. All very sad so far, but here is where her credibility begins to fade. The sexual abuse by her father continued, was no secret, and this knowledge extended to her teachers. When she was in sixth grade, Daddy was divorced by his second wife, and when she was in eighth grade, he confessed to raping her repeatedly. He was sent to a psychiatric facility for a few weeks. One would expect only two outcomes from this: he would be detained indefinitely or for many, many years on psychiatric grounds, or he would be tried, convicted, and in the United States quite likely locked up forever, but...she had to appear in court along with her two older sisters. She testified, and the judge allowed her father to go home; she went to another foster home where she slept with a knife under her pillow.

How credible is this? And there is a lot more where that came from, including an alcoholic foster father who tried to burn down the house with people inside, including her, a near lethal physical assault on her by a foster mother, she was drugged and gang-raped...But here is the kicker, as an adult she returned to her hometown where she filed a belated report against her father, and, surprise, surprise, the documents from the court case had disappeared.

In September 2013, Carol Knuth returned to Logan County, Illinois, where she grew up. At that time she was the subject of an article by Jessica Lema in the Lincoln Courier. Although this article mentions her living in foster care during an obviously difficult childhood, there is no mention of the horrors she is said to have suffered at the hands of her father, nor of her later trafficking experiences. Extensive searching of both the regular Internet and NewsBank turns up no trace of the legal proceedings against her father, because like Somaly Mam, Carol Knuth and the truth are strangers.

Tales Of Trafficked Women - 3

The reader will find all manner of such testimonies on especially YouTube, and organisations that claim to assist or even to be run by victims of sex trafficking and child trafficking. Even in the United States and the UK. How many of these organisations existed twenty or even ten years ago? There is for example the Sophie Hayes Foundation which is based in an expensive area of Central London. Sophie, who is anonymous, and may not exist, is the purported author of a fanciful autobiography. Other so-called anti-trafficking organisations, registered charities, are two a penny, but do they do any good?

It should be stressed there is a very real problem here. The scandal of the UK grooming gangs may have been exaggerated, but not by much. Women and teenage girls can and are lured into prostitution including forced prostitution (rape), while in the UK even men have been exploited by so-called traffickers, in reality slavers, the worst example of which was the odious Connors family. Having a much larger population, and prostitution being illegal in every state except Nevada, it should surprise no one that the same problems can be found in the US on a larger scale, but the trafficking narrative is not only patently wrong, it is being played by scam artists to make money off well meaning members of the public, celebrities and soft-hearted business people. It is also being used by feminists and similar ideologues to promote their own undemocratic agendas. And it is being used by those in law enforcement as a pretext for persecuting those at the bottom of the food chain.

A few words here about the generic claims made by the anti-trafficking industry, including many police officers. These people often pluck statistics and factoids out of thin air to support their narratives. These claims include:

The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14-year-old. Many victims are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children.
And the evidence for this is?

Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry.
The girl in the photograph of the front of this leaflet is not a victim of trafficking; she is a model.

It is easy to whip up outrage or even hysteria over a sensitive subject like this; make sure you are not taken in. The bottom line is before you put your hand in your pocket to fund any sort of appeal for an anti-trafficking organisation, do your due diligence. And before you shed a tear in sympathy with self-professed trafficking victims, use your critical faculty, or you may end up as demented as they are.


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author avatar Markthespark
26th Apr 2018 (#)

Awesome story on a very relevant subject today!

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author avatar Leslie knods
26th May 2018 (#)

You are a false narrative. First, learn to spell

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author avatar Mitch Bindle
26th May 2018 (#)

Written like a person who lacks insight into his own agenda, yes, clearly the author comes from a place of avoidance, minimization, and denial of his own inability to conceptualize the greater issues here, perhaps he may be able to see past his own egocentric ideas

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author avatar Jon Witherton
26th May 2018 (#)

Do your due diligence and research real victims, real traffickers, and actual agencies that support victims and their families before you start spinning your own fissured ideas and a clear result of lack of awareness that lead to demented reporting

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author avatar Michelle
13th Aug 2018 (#)

Carol Knuth.....I was 25 and my son was 3 and remembers, today at 21, a dirty, smelly house. That was because I lived with my mom for four months then. I always had a clean house before and after. Maybe my son didn't remember right. For whatever reason with her Dad's confession, the prosecutor chose not to charge him, therefore, no court record. Prosecutors in America only charge/prosecute if there's a 95% chance they win. That is the justice system is in America. How many times has a child protective worker not done their job and children suffer as a result? She filed that report knowing nothing would happen, but to at least wanted to have some sort of record. No one was consistently repeating to her "claims that at age three she was put in a foster home, where she got religion". That repetitive vocal assertion to a child of what the facts are by someone else did not happen to her. That was her own memory. Listen carefully.
If you had a daughter or sister or mother that said those things she said happened, would you believe it or not?

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author avatar Milla
5th Nov 2019 (#)

Carol's story used to be on YouTube, but is not found anymore! It is flagged as Private. Is there a reason why?? And is this YouTube's way of censoring???

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