Taylor Armstrong Is Finding The Courage To Cash In - I Mean, The Courage WIthin, Yeah, That's It...

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Taylor Armstrong's memoir is full of contradictions, is poorly written, and leaves one wondering exactly how she thought this book would help women suffering from domestic violence - or if that was even ever her intent at all.

Hiding From Reality - And From The Truth

From the very first page - where there is a typo - one can tell that Hiding from Reality is a great name for this book. The poor writing is striking, first of all, and the cloyingness of the prose leads one to begin to doubt, and to do a little research, only to find that there is not much reality to be found here.

Most of the "facts" in this book can be checked and found to be falsehoods, half truths and outright lies. You will find there are no police reports to support any accusations, there are interviews Taylor Armstrong herself did which contradict things she has said in this book, and there is information readily available in county court records which show her to be an outright liar. It is a pity that anyone should have to fact-check a memoir, but with this one, it is written so poorly, the reader is literally honor-bound to do his or her own research to see if the things in this book pan out. When one reads a phrase such as "Pit bulls can't swim", one really has to wonder exactly whom Ms. Armstrong (she does not deserve the Mrs.) thought would be the audience for this book - illiterate yokels with no concept of the world around them? And if so, would that not be wholly insulting to the victims of domestic violence she purports to help?

As a survivor myself, I picked up this book hoping for a fresh perspective from persons you do not normally hear speak out on the issue - the rich and famous. After reading, I found there exists no perspective at all, save a self-serving one, the woman was a grifter pretending to be rich, and she has no business being famous, lest she inadvertently become a role model for soulless gold-diggers everywhere. Taylor Armstrong has done nothing with this book except to prove that even with a ghostwriter she is a terrible author, lacks any insights that would be helpful to any human being let alone an abuse survivor, and should never have gotten a book deal while there are so many *real* authors out there with something important to say who would get on the NYT Bestseller list on their own merits, without their PR flacks buying out bookstores to achieve that end, as Ms. Armstrong's team has clearly done, because poorly written books do not generally find a large audience without help (see "Dianetics").

It is my fervent hope that Armstrong's fifteen minutes are almost up - if I am forced to witness her cloying smile flashing into her exaggerated tearless grimace and back in seconds once more on my television, I will have to go Elvis and fire a .44 into the plasma screen. She is a thoroughly disgusting human being, if she is even human, about which, I have serious doubts. Buy this book at your own risk. To do so is to line the coffers of a liar, a thief, and quite possibly, a murderer.


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author avatar Buzz
6th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks for sharing, Claire.

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author avatar Retired
7th Apr 2012 (#)

nice share

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
7th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks for this Claire..at least I know not to buy it!!!!

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author avatar Gnomey 1
15th Apr 2012 (#)

The book is now listed under "grifter biographies and memoirs" - so at least there's some truth in advertising.

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