The Bruce Jenner Transgender Journey And Social Attitudes

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With Bruce Jenner officially confirming he is now a woman, the whole world and its mother has an opinion. Here I voice my opinion on the reaction stirred up on social media and how Bruce's situation is very different from Mr Joe Bloggs.

Public Support For Former Athlete

The media went crazy last weekend when former track and field athlete, Bruce Jenner, better known as the patriarch of the Kardashian reality clan, gave his “last interview” as a man before he completes his transgender journey by turning into a woman. The reaction on social media went into overdrive. Some were supportive, hailing Bruce a hero for the transgender community. Others were hateful and mocking the 65 year old father of six, step-father of four.

I don't have a problem with transgenders, as long as they're in a positive state of mind, it's what they really want to do and they don't mislead potential partners with their sexuality. However, some of the comments I read on social media attacking Bruce's Kardashian family members, especially Kris Jenner for not being “publicly” supportive enough during his interview with Diane Sawyer kind of stirred me. Bruce Jenner and his clan are going to be just fine throughout this whole episode and will most certainly make a good wage of it along the way. For the public waving the supportive flags for him, would they show the same amount for the “freak” who lives in Ordinary Street and wears ill fitted, odd coloured women's clothes because he hasn't got a stylist/family or friends to give him a little guidance? Would they throw their arms around their father or brother and suddenly call them mom/sister? Would a wife be instantly relieved that her husband has always taken a major interest in her underwear because he wants to wear it, not rip it off her body? Food for thought eh?

Social Attitudes In The Real World

In the real world there are hundreds of thousands of male and females going through identity crisis and haven't the courage, support or money to shield away and protect themselves from any harmful retaliation like Bruce does. Yes, Bruce coming out may help the odd few of many potential transgenders to complete their journey or open a pinch of ignorant minds. But in the real world, because of society views, many will still be living in torment, unable to stir up their family lives because they don't want to spread that hurt.

My point is... The world is a tough place and not only just for transgenders. When life changing decisions are made, they don't just affect the person making them. Their loved ones have to go through that experience too and shouldn't be judged or verbally crucified if they don't initially handle it well. Another point is I really wish people would think before commenting about these type of issues on social media. Judge Bruce Jenner's situation the same as you would the man on your street, workplace or family. If you can only support a celebrity because you watch their reality show, love their music or watch their movies, then social attitudes haven't moved forward, they've gone backwards.


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30th Apr 2015 (#)

Let people live their lives!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Apr 2015 (#)

Even if we walk in their shoes for miles, we should not judge them - siva

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