The Finals Begin on "Dancing with the Stars"

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On the first night of the two part finale on "Dancing with the Stars", the four couples perform the most anticipated dance of the season - the Freestyle.

Finals part 1

“Dancing with the Stars” has reached the end of another season with the two night finale. Only four couples remain but one of them will be eliminated by the end of the show.

Part one of the finale features the most highly anticipated dance of the season with the Freestyle where there are no rules and anything goes.

Bindi and Derek, Alek and Lindsay, Carlos and Witney, and Nick and Sharna will perform one more time for fan votes.

Meghan Trainor get the night of entertainment started off with a performance while the dancers perform a routine choreographed by Mandy Moore.

But before the dancers let it all out on the dance floor, they must perform a dance chosen by the judges. The judges will each choose a couple and stop by to give them a few tips. The couples are not learning a new dance but trying to improve on a dance that they have done earlier in the season.

First up are Carlos and Witney with their dance from week two. Bruno came to work with the pair on their Foxtrot. Noting that you could tell that it was the finals, Julianne said she felt like they were back at the AMAs because that was the sexiest Foxtrot she has ever seen. Julianne said that Carlos' lines were beautiful and there was huge improvement in the dance. Bruno said that was definitely the way to dance the Foxtrot; adding it was fabulous. Carrie Ann said that Carlos proved he belonged there; adding it was the most dynamic performance she had ever seen from Carlos and he commanded the stage. It took until the finals, but Carlos and Witney finally earned their perfect score of 30.

Carrie Ann made a visit to Alek and Lindsay to give them a hand with the Rumba. Alek last performed the Rumba on switch up week with Emma. Bruno said that he could really see that Alek applied himself and worked hard on the Rumba and presented his partner with care, and was committed to the dance; but he would have liked to see more hip action. Saying that she saw a wee bit more hip action, Carrie Ann noted that when Alek is in the zone he is a better dancer. Giving Alek credit for being so committed, Julianne said the dance felt like a thank you to Lindsay for the journey over the season. Alek and Lindsay earned a score of 27 points for their Rumba.

Mighan Trainor performs while Peta and Artem dance.

Nick and Sharna first performed the Jive on week two and earned only 21 points for the dance. This time around Julianne came to the rehearsal hall to give Nick a hand. Dancing to “Runaway”, Nick and Sharna performed to rousing cheers from the crowd. Carrie Ann said she felt the finals had just begun; adding it was one of the hardest content filled Jives she had ever seen. Carrie Ann said that Nick stands equal to Sharna and it was his best performance ever. Julianne was speechless; saying that she had so much fun working with them and Nick, “performed the crap out of that Jive.” Bruno called it a high octane Jive and Nick nailed the kicks and flicks and never went wrong. Bruno compared the duo to Elvis and Ann Margaret. Nick and Sharna scored a perfect 30 for their Jive.

In the last dance of round one, Carrie Ann visits Bindi and Derek to work on their Quickstep in a week with Derek battling a bout of bronchitis. Noting that the Quickstep is one of the hardest dances for stamina, Julianne called Bindi the energizer bunny; adding she executed the dance so well. Bruno called it a gem of a Quickstep with every aspect of the dance gleaming like a brilliant diamond cut with incredible content. Carrie Ann said Bindi was in a class all her own; adding the dance had incredible technique. Julianne told Bindi that a star was born. Bindi and Derek also earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Judges pick:
Alek and Lindsay - 27
Carlos and Witney – 30
Nick and Sharna – 30
Bindi and Derek – 30

Meghan Trainor returns with a little help from Ariani Granda for a performance of her new single “Boys Like You”.

The time has finally arrived for what host Tom Bergeron calls his favourite dance of the season – the Freestyle!

Carlos and Witney are up first and get a little help from \a few of the eliminated dancers Paula, Hayes, and wife Alexa in a DWTS first. Saying that it has definitely never been done before, Julianne said that Carlos took a risk and it worked...and she loved it. Bruno called the dance fresh, tight, and loaded with fun. Noting that he shared his big moment with others, Bruno said that Carlos took a big risk and gave a fantastic performance. Saying that she loved how Carlos shared his heart and was so generous in his biggest moment, Carrie Anne called it the freshest Freestyle she had ever seen. After not earning a perfect score all season, Carlos and Witney end the night with two perfect scores for a total of 60 points.

Alek and Lindsay perform their Freeestyle dance that resembles an Army obstacle course in another DWTS first. Noting that there is no challenge too great with faith, Bruno said that they transferred that perfectly into the dance; adding the choreography was outstanding. Congratulating Lindsay, Carrie Ann called the one that is memorable with people talking about it for years. Carrie Ann called the dance a victory from beginning to end. Julianne called the dance amazing, risky, and physically and emotionally powerful. Tom noted that there were so many things that could have gone wrong and they danced through them all. Alek and Lindsay earned a perfect score of 30 for their Freestyle for a total of 57 points.

In a Freestyle that resembled more of a Contemporary dance, Bindi and Derek danced alone to “Footprints in the Sand”. At the end of the dance was a photo of Bindi and her Dad – Bindi did not know it was going to happen. The performance brought tears to the eyes of many in the Ballroom. Carrie Ann caleed it a brilliant Freestyle; adding that it was such a joy to watch Bindi all season. Calling it the best finale ever, Julianne called the dance so special, beautiful, and extraordinary; adding that Bindi has taken them on the journey with her. Bruno said that they showed them the power of dance at it's most pure form and danced from the heart and touched everybody's soul. Bindi and Derek score 30 points for their Freestyle and earned a perfect socre for the night.

Finishing out the night of dancing was Nick and Sharna with a “Larger than Life” Backstreet Boy inspire performance that had the judges on their feet and brought the house down. Dancing with a stage full of professional dancers, Nick was singing as he danced. Julianne called the performance “Larger than Life” and so far beyond what was expected; adding that Nick nailed it. Saying that it was a blockbuster night, Bruno said, “what a way to finish the night.” Bruno remarked on how all of the dancers went beyond what they thought for an incredible night of dance. Noting that she has pushed Nick all season, Carrie Ann called it a “freaking awesome Backstreet Boys” performance and he killed it. Nick and Sharna scored their second perfect score for a perfect night.

Freestyle scores:
Carlos and Witney – 30
Alek and Lindsay – 30
Bindi and Derek – 30
Nick and Sharna - 30

Total scores:
Alek and Lindsay – 27 + 30 = 57
Carlos and Witney – 30 + 30 = 60
Bindi and Derek – 30 + 30 = 60
Nick and Sharna – 30 + 30 = 60

After all of the perfect scores, one couple will be eliminated from the competition.

The first couple moving on to part two of the finale is Alek and Lindsay! Joining them are Bindi and Derek.

Carlos and Witney and Nick and Sharna are in jeopardy of going home.

The final couple in the finale is Nick and Sharna!

Depsite a perfect night Carlos and Witney have been eliminated.

The three remaining couples have one more dance to perform for judge's scores – the 24 fusion dance. After the show, the couple will learn what two dances they will have to combine into one dance and they will have less than 24 hours to create and perfect the dance.


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