The Man who Lives Among the Planets and Stars

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Vineeth Bhatt, commonly known as Thirumeni among his disciples and fans is one of the most revered astrologers and tantric in India. Here is an interview with him where he tells about astrology and tantric rituals in detail.

About Vineeth Bhatt

About a year back, a report in a widely circulated English Daily Caught my attention. The report says in detail how a young tantric from Kerala cured a famous film actress. She was faring well in South Indian film industry and in between suffered a strange psychological disorder. She was quite normal always except in the shooting sites of films. There she started behaving strangely. She may leave the site suddenly or will not come in time. Some times she started behaving rudely with the fellow artists and other crew members. It was a film producer that introduced this young tantric. He cured her completely and now she is back in the industry with lots of films in hand.
It was this report that tempted me to search for the tantric and I finally met him. Vineeth Bhatt, the young tantric and astrologer is hailing from a traditional tantric family, “Thottekkaattu Mana” in Vaikom of Kottayam district of Kerala. Although he started pursuing regular studies, he gave up it in the midway to learn tantra and astrology. His grandfather was his first teacher. After learning the basics from grandfather, he learned the subjects from many eminent experts in the field and according to him he is still learning the subject.
In between he tried his hands in writing lyrics for many television serials and most of them got popular. Even now he is considered one of the best lyricists in Malayalam language.

Truths revealed about astrology

When I approached him for an interview, he was so happy. According to him, he is getting a stage to air his opinions and to reveal several truths about astrology. “I agree that there are several fraudsters who are minting money in the name of astrology.” He started his words. “But that cannot be the reason for calling astrology a bogus science. Even in the modern medical science you can see several fraudsters.” “But how the planets can influence our destiny?” my question was the one which has not been answered satisfactorily in the past. “See, what is life? Can you define it comprehensively? No. Life is a form of energy, or in the other sense, life is the energy which helps us to do many things in this world. When we lose that energy we die.” Taking the small shells which are being used in the predictions in his hand he continued. “Hope you must have studied about high tide and low tide in your primary classes. When the moon can influence the nature of water in the earth, can’t it influence our body of which the main constituent is water? Similarly all the planets can influence. Their positions and several other things will certainly influence one’s health, activeness etc and thus they will influence their life too.” According to him, astrology is mainly depending on certain calculations to predict one’s future. These are being developed after a series of researches conducted by eminent persons in the ancient India. Once the calculations are over, then the astrologer will turn towards the “Prasna Palaka and Kavadi”. Prasna palaka is a wooden board where some squares will be marked to denote the positions of various planets. Kavadis are a bunch of small shells which will be hold in the hands and moved over the wooden board by chanting some holy hymns. At the end the astrologer will take certain number of shells in his hand without counting and divide them into several groups and place at different squares. “This has been done to get an idea about the positions of the planets. No one can predict the future correctly only with the calculations they learned. They need to analyze several symptoms and omens before prediction. These shells are used to get such omens and symptoms. Analyzing of these omens is an ability which you will get by birth or with the blessings of your teachers.” When I doubted about the predictions and people falling prey to false astrologers he told me that he never do it for financial benefits. “Of course, I need money to live and take care of my family, but that does not mean that I am always looking for financial advantages. There are several people who used to call me over the phone and say about their problems. I will take their details such as date and time of birth and place of birth and used to suggest remedies. I will not get any financial benefits from most of them, but now I enjoy a large network of friends and well wishers.”

Truths about Tantric Rituals

“When you are suffering from fever, others also get affected if they come in contact with you. Similarly, we can pass energy too from one person to other. Tantric rituals are basically doing the same. When one person is affected with lots of negative energy, whatever he or she does will go in vein and they will have to suffer many draw backs. Then these rituals will help me to take back the negative energy from the person and to diffuse it. There are several other rituals where this negative energy is being converted to a positive one.”
What is the need of drawing kalams or the geometrical figures using different colors during such rituals?
“Any ritual should be done in the presence of almighty or the super energy. These geometrical figures represent the presence of god. The figures will be different for different rituals. You can take like this. When you suffer from a cardiac disorder you should consult a cardiologist, but for a fever you can consult a general physician. Similarly, the different problems need to be taken care of by the different forms of almighty or the super energy. In Hindu mythology they have been depicted as different gods. Hence we represent different gods with different kalams.”
“So, you told that you will suggest solutions for various problems free of cost too. How people can contact you?”
“They can contact me either through my email or through my phone. I am always ready to serve them.”

Note: Vineeth Bhatt's email is and Phone number: +91-95733-83838


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
6th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing such interesting posts, cheers!

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author avatar Sherri Granato
8th Dec 2014 (#)

Fascinating. I love astrology. I do believe that we can pass energy from one person to another because it is such a powerful human tool.

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author avatar Sanoviya
9th Dec 2014 (#)


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author avatar Dr.Sudha Menon
17th Dec 2014 (#)

Great going thirumeni.

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author avatar Arun Nair
17th Dec 2014 (#)

Know thirumeni personally. One among the best. A very down to earth person. Praying for his health and well-being.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Jan 2015 (#)

Problems stem from dark art and black magic which is no uncommon in Kerala although when you are talented you can be hurt by the likes of Jay-z and Beyoncé who have been followers of illuminati that destroys others to officiate their talents as par of them. Its a commonality with artists who are creatively opened. Wish them well....

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author avatar B.naveen kumar
26th Jun 2017 (#)

I want appointment

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27th Jun 2017 (#)

sir i want to know about my feature i am 42yrs old

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author avatar Mishra
24th Aug 2017 (#)

I am left with 3 years of government service before my retirement.How will be my job prospects .will my retirement be peaceful.

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author avatar Jyothirmai
7th Sep 2019 (#)

great sir , great job doing

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