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Information about new band The Wanted, the debut single and the guys in the group.

Members of The Wanted

Nathan Sykes - 17 - Gloucester
Max George - 21 - Manchester
Jay McGuiness - 19 - Nottingham
Tom Parker - 21 - Bolton
Siva Kaneswaran - 21 - Ireland

Official Sites

The official websites and twitter pages of the band. Each individual member has their own twitter page as well, it too is listed.

The Official Site
The Official Twitter Page
Siva's Twitter
Tom's Twitter
Jay's Twitter
Max's Twitter
Nathan's Twitter
Official Facebook Page
Official Myspace Page
Official YouTube Page

Single Release Date

The band's first single 'All Time Low' is set to be released on 26th July 2010. The video is out now.


Height: 5'8"
Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Favourite Band:Queen
Football Team: Man City
Favourite Animal:Great White Shark
Favourite TV Show as a kid:The Turtles
Recent TV Show: X Factor
Favourite Trainers: Nike

I like it when... I’m at the local pub with my family and mates

I love it when... City beat United

If I could rule... the world for a day it would be free beer for everyone

If it was the end... of the week I'd be leathered!!

If my name was... Englebert people would laugh

If I was a girl... I'd date everyone in my band... and Robert

If I could have... a spare 2grand I'd buy my nan and grandad a new lawn for the garden

I hate it when... I come into contact with dry sponge


Height: 6ft 1
Eye Colour:Brown (tall dark and handsome)
Hair Colour:Black with a few ginger hairs
Favourite Band:Switchfoot
Football Team: Manchester City or Bolton
Favourite Animal:Dog
Favourite TV Show as a kid:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Recent TV Show: Family Guy
Favourite Trainers: Y3 Yoji Yamamoto for Adidas

I like it when... chocolate melts with butter

I love it when... I am in front of my ma’s fire

If I could rule... the world I would clear every country’s debt

If it was the end... of a movie in a cinema I would wait for the credits to finish

If my name was... Kumar I would be confused (His twin is called Kumar)

If I was a girl... I would be one hot girl!

If I could have... one wish it would be to travel into space

I hate it when... ….. I miss some hair when shaving my face (and ass)


Height: 5ft 9ish
Eye Colour:Green/Blue
Hair Colour:Brown
Favourite Band:Boyz II Men
Football Team: Manchester United
Favourite Animal:Cat
Favourite TV Show as a kid:Saturday show (BBC)
Recent TV Show: Match of the Day!/Britain’s Got Talent
Favourite Trainers: Converse

I like it when... I’m sat at the piano randomly playing and singing songs :D

I love it when... it's snowing cause I get the day off school

If I could rule... time and space I would actually feel like Doctor Who!

If it was the end... of the world, the last song I would listen to would be End of the Road by Boyz II Men!

If my name was... Harry Potter, I would show Hermione my wand!

If I was a girl... I would try to understand the obsession with shopping and shoes...

If I could have... the power to be invisible... The possibilities would be endless ;)

I hate it when... Manchester United lose!!!!!


Height:5ft 10
Eye Colour:Hazel
Hair Colour:Brown
Favourite Band:Oasis
Football Team: Bolton Wanderers
Favourite Animal:Parrot
Favourite TV Show as a kid:Rosie and Jim
Recent TV Show:The Inbetweeners
Favourite Trainers:Reebok

I like it when... i'm writing music and playing my guitar.

If I could rule... the country, i would make tax zero.

If it was the end... of the world, i would hide in a bunker

If my name was... Liam Gallagher, i would be cool

If I was a girl... i would go into the girls toilets and find out what they actually talk about when they go in there in 2s,3s,9s.

If I could have... just one day with John Lennon

I hate it when... i'm bored


Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Brown
Favourite Band:Coldplay, Newton Faulkner, Florence, Jack Penate, Damien Rice, Justin
Football Team: Celtic, at a push, I rarely watch footy
Favourite Animal:Chimp, except the one that ate off that woman’s face (ate it clean off!)
Favourite TV Show as a kid:How 2, Carol Vorderman is there anything you didn't teach us?
Recent TV Show: Anything with David Attenborough, in fact I’m going to go and put David Attenborough as my favourite guy right now, and Misfits!
Favourite Trainers: Converse

I like it when... people fall over?

If I could rule... the universe I'd need someone to make sure I didn't misplace it.

If it was the end... of the world??? I'd try and get in with Bill Gates so he could sort me out.

If my name was... chegnuts it would be pretty weird.

If I was a girl... even just for a daaaaaaaaaaay.

If I could have... gills it would be ace.

I hate it when... your computer crashes.


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