The great mentalist Derren Brown

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Many of us do not even know about mentalism, for those of us who don't it is much like a form of magic using psychological tricks. Magic is based on different tricks, mentalism is based just on your psychology, Derren is probably the best there is.

TV Shows

In Europe he is actually well known, this is because of his various TV appearances, but anywhere outside Europe he is not that well-known, he first appeared on the show tricks of mind, showing amazing new feats.
Since then he has been featured in many TV shows, all of them will be entirely different and all of them will just blow your mind.
He has been followed by many other people and can be regarded as a legend for mentalism, he is surely the most famous mentalist and probably is the best. What makes him this good is his amazing skill for psychology. He is also a writer, painter and magician but its mentalism what makes him a celebrity of his kind.

The techniques

It had been argued by the critics whether his "tricks" are real or fake, but according to him he uses a combination of magic, psychology and showmanship. Its a combination of hypnosis, NLP, memory techniques and much more. He has also published books based on these subjects.

What makes him different?

So, why should you bother to watch any of his shows?
Well, he is much better than many of the magicians, his tricks are real and not just a magicians way to fool you. He will even reveal many of these tricks, but to carry them out is not as easy as a magic trick, you will have to learn, practice them and perform them to know how it works.
Mentalism is not just about tricks, they are a clever ways to use psychology, some of these tricks even challenges psychological believes by the leading psychologists of the world like the one which forces a man in trance to shoot a well known celebrity Stephen Fry. He diproved the theories of leading psychologists about hypnosis, tricked psychology students to believe what he wants, made money by using various little tricks, and many other things that makes him different than any other mentalist.
Some other amazing tricks that will blow your mind
1.Winning the lottery on national television - Didn't win but predicted all lottery numbers on national TV
2.Amazing complex tricks on live shows - Must watch
3.Tricks of mind - Shows small tricks such as freezing someone, getting someone stuck to chair
4.Cold reading - Telling just about every personal detail about a person, even a persons initials and what is going on in their minds
5.Compelling people to do stuff they don't want
While most other mentalists focus on a single area, its Derren Brown who has been able to perform all of them.

What do you get?

From magic tricks, what do you learn? Nothing.
But you will learn quite a bit of important psychological tricks from him.
In many of the feats by mentalist speed reading, mirroring, lie detection, some awsome memory techniques and many thing can be learnt which will help you in many ways.


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Thanks for sharing this article. I've learned something new today. Great writing.

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