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Do Children in Beauty Pageants Function In Reality?

Play Time is Over

I tuned into a recent episode of Toddlers and Tiaras to gain perspective on what goes on during competitions featuring children. Would it be much like Miss Teen U.S.A. or any other high profile competitions shown annually on T.V., I wondered? Even though this series is based on the preparation and competitions aired over several weeks, as opposed to an evening event televised live, the premise is pretty much the same. There are endless hours of practicing the walk, the talk, and a talent of your choice to perform before a panel of judges. If you are adored enough, you will win the competition. There does not seem to be much time for being any less than serious during the young lives of these competitors. This is sad to watch, as the wreckless innocence typically seen in children is completely void.

Prize Pursuit

After watching a couple more episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras, I began to see that the pageant with all its trials and practice sessions seemed to be about some of the mothers, rather than solely for the benefit of the little girls. One parent yelled at her child for not being as good as she thought she could be. This was after her daughter had been practicing for hours. Another woman reminded her child harshly that she wanted the prize money after all she had contributed. I felt that was a bit misplaced, considering it was the child who had done most of the prep work. Some families spend thousands of dollars to enter their child into these competitions and complain when their little beauty queen does not walk away with the glory and prize money. One father said he was going to get a lift on his truck, if his daughter won. To expect this is a bit stilted, as it is what the judges think that is important.

Burned Out Babies

It is hard to believe that child beauty competitions began in the 1960's and have been going strong ever since. Now that reality television is at its height, more and more of these shows are being aired for the world to see. Loads of behind the scene footage of beauty pageants is revealed and it is not all pretty. In fact, some the parents behave worse than the little girls when things don't go their way. I was amazed how many fits were thrown and the melt downs...Oh, the melt downs! Let's face it, you are preparing for these events for the better part of the year. The more competitions you enter, the more time you spend practicing to be perfect. One mother actually yelled at her child for not wanting to practice. When the camera zoomed into the child's face, it was clear that behind all the makeup this girl was under incredible strain and was exhausted. I wonder how many girls drop out because they get completely burned out by all that is expected of them. They have tight schedules and no time for being the child they really are.

Playing a Healthy Time For Children

We all know how tiring our forty hour work weeks can be. I live for the time I can devote to photography, writing, gardening or anything that allows me to release my creative energy. This makes me feel good and happy. Imagine if you were expected to be on point at all times. You don't see super models walking like they are on a runway twenty-four hours a day. Some of these little girls are expected to be poised at all times. For me, this is completely unreasonable. There is no letting go and being a child. Children are moody just like adults are but this doesn't seem to set well with some of the parents. Come on, is this living in reality? I even wonder if some of these girls really want to do this at all. Some seem disconnected and with good reason. Are they thinking about the sleepovers with their friends they are missing or trips to the beach? Some seem depressed and completely worn from heavy schedules and expectations. If the participants are completely into doing this, more power to them. However, some appear less than enthusiastic as they walk to the costume area and makeup table. I wonder who they really see reflected in the mirror of duty. Is it their dream or someone else's?


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15th Jul 2011 (#)

I totally agree with you I certainally would not want my children or grand children to go through all this, they need to be children.

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17th Jul 2011 (#)

Very interesting choice to make for your children. I could not do this thing. Well deserved star page congratulations:)

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