Top 7 strikers in the world

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This is the list for the top 7 football strikers in the world. The list spans from Lionel Messi to Robert Lewandowski.

Who is the best?

Here is a list for the top 10 strikers in the world starting with number 7.

7. Robert Lewandowski

Recently Rising to Bayern Munich Robert Lewandowski caught many eyes at Borussia Dortmund. After many fantastic Champions league performances he makes my top 7.

6. Diago Costa

Chelsea's recent signing has started with a bang! After last season at Atletico Madrid nobody knew if Costa would recover from a hamstring injury well and adjust to the Premier League. Costa's current form and winning the league for Atletico Madrid last season has gave him the 6th spot. Hopefully Costa keeps his record up which will see him rise in this top 6 fast.

5. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero doesn't deliver so well for his country or in the Champions League but his style and scoring recording simply has to put him in this top 7 mix. Watch the guy play for Manchester City and you will see what I mean.

4. Neymar

I didn't feel like there was much between Sergio Aguero and Neymar except Neymar seems to play better for his country. Neymar has a real brain for football and all the skill to back it up, put him in the right team and he will make all the right moves and get goals.

3. Luis Suarez

This guy is simply phenomenal, Luis Suarez last season was simply all-round player on this planet. The skill and creativity are simply fare better, so unique and inspirational to the game. Luis Suarez last year inspiring Liverpool to finish 2nd in the league. He scored 31 goals in a season! He missed 4 games from a biting ban and 5 through injury. Why didn't he get the title best striker in the world? His antics, the diving is a part that all these top 7 are terrible for but the biting is just too much, this is the only reason he scored 31 and not closer to 40. Without the biting antic Luis Suarez would be the top goal scorer in a single premier league season (34) and labelled the best player in the world.

2. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is iconic to even football haters. Not the most interesting character, he lacks charisma but still gets the job done. Messi's scoring recording is amazing and he always seems to deliver when his club (Barcelona) need him to. Messi only finish's second but of his drop in form over the past 6 month, also the ability just isn't as high as number 1.

Number 1 is Christiano Ronaldo

Yes it is him, egotistic and show boating is an understatement to this guy but he is still the best football player on the planet at this time. Every aspect of the game is there, he is fast, he can header, he is strong, he is consistent and he certainly can score. Why did I pick Ronaldo over Messi? Because he is stronger and better in the air, Ronaldo's passion and drive during an average games seems higher than Lionel Messi. Alongside his skill and attitude he out-shines everybody in every league football has to offer.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Jan 2015 (#)

Ronaldo and Messi never played well for their countries unlike the former greats - siva

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author avatar troyangeluk
3rd Jan 2015 (#)

I would say they play ok for their country. Majority of today's stars don't really performe for their country though to be fair.

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