Veena Malik or Dirty Minds

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Pakistani hot actress Veena Malik dirty pictures and photo scandal for FHM got viral on Pakistani and Indian media, now you can watch her fake and some real leaked video clips everywhere on the internet.

Veena Malik or Dirty Minds

Pakistani actress Veena Malik dirty photos and clips for FHM magazine throws herself on the couch in her hotel room in Helsinki and puts her legs up in the air. She has pink heals, tight mini skirt, and dark beautiful hair. She is flirting with the camera. It is not hard to believe that Malik has angered her home country’s conservative and religious society. She is probably Pakistan’s most famous, Bollywood actress, TV star and Model, who is well known as “Controversy Queen”. Last year Malik fought with a host on a TV show. Host blamed Malik for hurting Pakistani people, because she has probably cuddled with her Indian colleague in big boss reality show. Soon after the show, she got into a car accident and left Pakistan.

Veena Malik possess an average talent as an actress, comedian, host, entertainer but great deal of talent as a liar, hypocrite, and just a nude model. She is extremely clever and knows how to take advantage of a particular situation. She got famous through her naked pictures around a decade ago. She did some small roles in movies, dance in rich peoples’ wedding ceremonies. But her main source of income and power has always been organized prostitution. She holds a BA degree in Psychology, Sociology and Persian language. BA exam in Pakistan can be passed by a couple of month’s preparation and just by studying the very basics of these subjects and this qualification does not mean anything in professional career building.

Veena Malik Facts
• Pakistani TV and movie star, comedian and model
• Known also defender of women rights
• 28 years age
• Studied psychology, sociology, Persian language
• Current residence, Mumbai, Dubai, UK

She has done absolutely nothing for women rights, human rights, or whatever rights she claims to have defended. Yes, some parts of Pakistani society are conservative and religious but nobody takes her serious. It wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that she is one of that lowest scum’s that just remain a laughing stock for everyone.

A perfect similarity for her is “Johanna Tukkiainen” in Finland. She was given an opportunity to host an Islamic TV show during the month of Ramadan this year. Where she claims that she will seek forgiveness from God for all the sins she had committed in the past and will help other people also to bring their lives on the right path. If the religious elements were against her, she would not have been given this opportunity. In the end, I feel terribly bad about the awareness level of Finnish media in particular. Any loose character, fake person from 3rd world comes here and yells about the unfairness, tells fake stories, and talks shit, can manipulate everything upside down. And not only YOU people believe that but also try to make other people believe. SHAME ON YOU!


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