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Wendy Williams is something else! She has been around for years and is still going strong!

Hot Topics

One of Wendy's hottest segments! Gossip, Gossip, Gossip!!! To start off, the topic is the flu shot... It's all over the news here in the states. Wendy's statement on the flu shot: "No to the flu shot!"Wendy has never gotten one in her life!

Personally, I was told by my doctor at KBR, don't take it! Honestly, I was given approximately seventeen immunizations to work overseas in Baghdad, so I think I am good! I was given shots in both shoulders, both arms, my back and my thighs. I was so sore, but still had to pass the physical agility test later on in the day. Brutal!!

Golden Globes are funny to watch for Wendy!! It's the food honey! It's casual and "easy breezy". Looking for the inside scoop on the Golden Globes and Wendy is just giggling at the thought of it!! Wendy can't just sit and watch. She will be tweeting with her friends and make up her own drinking game! It's on Sunday night, so no drinking alcohol as she has to be in to work on Monday morning! Oh well!!

Next topic is Beyonce Carter, Wendy is nice, for once!! Wendy usually is all over Beyonce and not in a good way, but lately, Wendy has become all about Beyonce! Beyonce is in GQ magazine and on the February 2013 cover. Very sexy pictures were taken of Beyonce. Wendy did not say it, but I really think that these pictures are inappropriate. Will these pictures sell copies of GQ magazine? Oh, yes.

Shia LeBouf is 5'9" tall. His mother wants him to dump his new girlfriend. Wendy calls him a mama's boy. Mother is threatened by his new girlfriend, and things are not going well in the family. Is Mia's using Shia to elevate her acting career? Only time will tell... meanwhile, Wendy is on the record as not on the same page as Mama LeBouf. Why? Due to the fact that she is scared she might be that way with her own son...major anxiety... "Celebrity Mama Drama!" with Ms. Wendy Williams!!

It is so difficult being a parent...you worry and wonder even if you have a nationally syndicated talk show with millions of daily viewers. That's the appeal of Wendy Williams. She is so glamorous, tall, beautiful, with a wonderfully clear voice. She has a beautiful personality and comes across as sincere in whatever she does. She can bring the drama, the comedy and tears.

Her speech after the death of Whitney Houston just reduced me to a puddle of tears, how poignant Wendy was... She is so amazing!

Wendy's Fashion

Wendy is doing something new - flat shoes - Hooray! Normally, she is in high heeled pumps or boots but not today! Bracelets on both wrists is so Wendy Williams. She is rocking black and silver bangles today as well as silver rings on just about every finger. Wendy wears a simple, silver necklace, and framing her face, one of her famous wigs! To complete her jewelry, Wendy wears silver hoop earrings that dangle from her ear lobes.

Wendy is in all black today! Black little dress, black hose and black flats! It is a great look for her. Has Wendy lost weight? Wendy's makeup is very neutral and fresh looking. Is it Magic BB Cream from Loreal? It just might be since they are a sponsor to her show...

What is it with Wendy Williams? Why do I make certain to watch her show? Well, no matter what is going on with my daily life, I check out Wendy Williams show for gossip, tips on my wardrobe and hair style. Wendy is also a resource for Mom's raising sons. Having raised two sons myself, I love to hear Wendy's phrasing of the experience!

I don't take all of Wendy's advice, but I love watching her dish it out every day. I can't do all of Wendy's fashion, wigs are NOT comfortable for me. Still, Wendy Williams is brilliant!! If you are having a blah day, check out Wendy Williams on YouTube!! "How you doing?"


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author avatar Tony Barnes
19th Jan 2013 (#)

Haven't heard of Wendy...but you make me want to know more with your article. Keep 'me coming.

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author avatar Coletha Albert
19th Jan 2013 (#)

LOL!! Wendy is awesome!

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