What Not to Do in Online Dating

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- All about online dating and a fool's paradise - The secret exposed...Say what..Hush your mouth -

A Fool's Folly

How does someone claim to have a girlfriend that they never met? The sad and pathetic story surrounding Manti Te'o, has to be the most bizarre story that I have ever heard. First of all, he is a grown man with some loot to cap it off, meaning that he had other options that he could have pursued. Why would a man with his potential subject himself to the woes of online dating? It is incomprehensible when you think about it, nor is it the prudent thing to do for such a high profile character. One can commiserate for the humiliation he must have endured, but he has to shoulder some of the blame for exposing himself to such a risk. No doubt, lots of women would have leaped at the opportunity to date him - being such a high-profile individual. Further, one is left to wonder if he sustained too much head trauma - obviously he was not thinking coherently.

A Superb Drama Candidate

Moreover, if this young man does not excel in football, he definitely has a bright future in Hollywood. Even if the fantasy girlfriend existed outside the realm of his imagination, and had been hospitalized after surviving an auto accident. The average person could not exhibit that much emotion for someone they barely knew. This whole saga has too many holes in it. For instance, did he have plans to corroborate her story prior to making an emotional appeal to the fans? Also, it is my understanding that the mainstream media was inept reporting this story. That is, there are reports of conflicting times of death and the Dead Spin news agency uncovered the truth. Just plain old investigative journalism should have exposed the discrepancies. I suspect that it was a slow news day, and someone made a rash decision to run with the story. Finally, this is a lesson in what not to do when it comes to online dating.


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