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How baby names are chosen and why celebrities choose to cause cruelty to their child and slowly deteriate any dignity they may have had. How names are judged and avoided due to things like social class and intelligence.

The choosing

The things that go through every mother’s head when pregnant are ‘will it be healthy’, ‘will it look like me’ and ‘what will I name it’. The name of a child causes much debate amongst parents. They think about names in their families, names of dear friends and names in a baby book. They avoid names of enemies, bosses and high school drop outs. They want to find names that mean something lovely, like Bella meaning Beauty. Well, this applies to regular civilians anyway. Celebrities have a very different outlook to what their child should be called. Their intentions are not for the child to love their name, not for the name to mean anything profound. They want to evaluate items in their houses which could make a good name, a colour perhaps that they have always liked, maybe a favourite fruit.

Surprise surprise

When really successful celebrities like Beyonce go for names like Blue: that rather surprises me. I expect weird names off celebrities that are losing their fame and have not been in the spot light for a while as the weirder the name, the more publicity they will get. It’s like when Brittany Spears shaved off her hair, that rocketed her back into the papers.
However when offspring of world famous people are named after a car or a weekday, it makes me wonder: why the unnecessary cruelty? Would the princes still be respected if the Queen had named them Orange and Willow? Apple and Blue? Peach and Princess? Where will the original names stop? Will we be listening to Table leg on our stereos in a few years?

Ah well

At the end of the day, it’s the children that are going to have to live with these names and put up with the ridicule, witty nicknames and rhymes. I don’t suppose they will mind that much though; after all, they will usually be living in the lap of luxury and be spoilt brats by the time they are 10.

Everyone's a critic

A lot of people judge children on their names. When hearing a name, people associate the child will social backgrounds, classes in society, and intelligence capacity. They feel that a boy named Chase will be a trouble maker and unintelligent, and probably not a suitable play mate or role model for their little Lucas or Daniel. How many mothers will admit to being a little apprehensive after their little darling reports she has made a new friend called Shanequa? Smiling and sending their child upstairs, they then walk to the phone and calmly take them out of school and send them to another.

The future

Let’s face it; a parent always wants what’s best for their child, they would put their lives on the line for their child. But it is important that children mix with different types of children, different cultures, different classes in order for the child to have an open mind and to ensure diversity. Having a niche view of who they should play with, will impact negatively on the child’s personality.


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9th Jul 2013 (#)

Well said and very well written

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