Why I think Lewis hamilton is the Best

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Winning championships is not solely down to the car, its the driver too. My opinions are my own, so read on to find out more

Why I think Lewis Hamilton is the Best

Even if I wasn't a fan of Lewis Hamilton , I would still acknowledge that he is the best of the best in Formula One. Back in 2007 he made his debut into the McLaren team as the junior teammate of the mighty Alonso, who had just won back to back championships in 2005 and 2006. But being up against the best at that time did not faze Lewis, as he beat his team mate that season, ending up on the podium no less than 9 times. He lost the championship by a mere 1 point to Raikenon.

The following year 2008, saw him win his first championship. He was not in the best car, and Mclaren did not have a great record of reliability, but Lewis 's talent is such that he can achieve pole positions with times that do not appear to be possible on paper, and wins, because he truly drives from his heart.

The excitement of watching him come round that final bend and overtake Glock to take the championship by one point will live in my memory forever, and it cemented his following for many people. If there is anything to complain about, it is the fact that Massa was told he was the champion before the race had ended, which must have been devastating for him to find out, that as Lewis had achieved a 5th place result , which was all he needed, the information was incorrect.

From MClaren to Mercedes

Sadly McLaren had slipped out of being one of the best teams, but Lewis showed loyalty to the team right up until the end of 2012, when he left to join Mercedes. He should have won the championship in 2012 if it hadn't been for the unreliability of the car. Vettel had a Red Bull which was bullet proof, and remained dominant from 2010 to 2013, during which time he achieved 4 championships. But even with an inferior and less reliable car, Lewis proved he could outqualify and beat him.

Engine regulations changed in 2014, and although many people had criticised Lewis's move to Mercedes, they had to eat their words when he won his 2nd championship. Although in the fastest car, he still had to fight his team mate, who didn't have the reliability problems that Lewis had that year, and he also had to put up with Rosberg's dubious methods of beating him, such as causing him to lose pole position in Monaco, and also hitting his car in Spa, and putting him out of the race.

These shady practices made Lewis even more determined to win, and the second half of the season saw him emerge in fighting mode, and beat his team mate to the title. Then came 2015, when Lewis walked away with title no 3, his car had been more reliable, and Rosberg was no match for him at all. Rosberg was so angry that he had lost out once again, that he ran from the podium, and refused to celebrate Lewis's world championship. From then on their relationship deteriorated rapidly.

What about 2016?

Rosberg was so desperate to win a championship, in what was clearly the fastest car on the grid. So he employed mind games and cheating to beat Lewis. He took him out of the race in Spain, but his move backfired on him, as Lewis spun back, and he was out of the race too.

Although Lewis was leading in Austria, Rosberg's pit stop allowed him to get past Lewis, who was having none of it, so he attempted to overtake him on the last lap, and Rosberg hit him, knocking him off the track, and then drove along the edge to stop him from rejoining. But once again, the out of control Rosberg had damaged his own car, so Lewis went on to win the race, whilst Rosberg limped home in 4th place with a car so damaged, he should really have retired it.

There were lots of similar incidents that year, and so many reliability issues with Lewis's car, but not Rosberg's. He was going before the stewards after almost every race, and usually somehow avoided any punishment. But Lewis continued to fight back, and he was gracious in defeat when Rosberg won the championship by 5 points. The sort of pressure that Lewis was put under with constant unreliability, and bad starts, which were proved to be no fault of his own, would have broken the spirit of a lesser driver, but he simply vowed to come back stronger in 2017. Now that Rosberg had achieved what he wanted, he upped and left the team, and they were forced to act quickly to get a replacement driver.

How Different was 2017

Valteri Bottas came in to replace Rosberg, and how different was the atmosphere at Mercedes after that! He hit it off with Lewis immediately, they have great respect and loyalty towards each other, and gone were the mind games that Rosberg had employed. Valteri has the same mind set as Lewis, he wants to win because he has driven fairly, and for no other reason, which made a refreshing change for Lewis to have a team mate with that mindset.

Right from the beginning of 2017, it was clear to see that Ferrari had the fastest car, it performed well at all tacks, whereas the Mercedes was labelled a diva, at some tracks it was not very fast, the tyres would not warm up, and it was a real struggle. But this is where the superiority of Lewis as a driver truly showed. He spent time at the factory learning about it.

He surpassed everyone, even Schumaker for the most pole positions, this where he is so special, as the times he does do not appear to be possible on paper. He is also now 2nd only to him on race wins. It has been well documented that his win in Singapore, on a track that didn't suit his car, and only allowed him to qualify 5th was divine intervention. But I agree to differ. No-one can match Lewis in the rain, and even if Vettel had not come off, he would still have beaten him. His start was amazing, and he was right up there from the beginning.

There was also the drive in Belgium, where it was clear that Ferrari were faster, but such is the race craft of Lewis, he allowed Vettel to get too close, so that he couldn't actually overtake. In another race, Vettel overtook him at the start, but Lewis kept his cool, stayed behind watching whilst Vettel leaned on his tyres too hard and wore them down, then picked his moment to overtake .

With maturity Lewis has acquired a calmness which Vettel his main rival doesn't have. After the infamous Baku incident when Vettel lost the plot and accused him of brake testing him, it appears that Lewis got into his head, and stayed there, and even though Mercedes was not the fastest car , Lewis drove as Nikki Lauda has said " like a God, " and that is what won him the championship.

These are my reasons for stating that Lewis is the best, he is fast, he avoids situations where he might be knocked off, thus allowing Max past him in Malaysia, his racecraft is second to none, and he shines in wet conditions. When Lewis's time is over in Formula one, it will be interesting to see if any up and coming young drivers can ever equal that. In the meantime, if Mercedes can give Lewis the same reliability he enjoyed in 2017, I believe his 5th championship will be in 2018.
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