You do NOT want to be famous.

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This article will be about how being famous will NOT be a life you want to be living.


I believe many people in their childhood want to be rich and famous. Lets just say, that it is literally trading your life for a new life. You may or may not be able to meet your family again, your privacy will always be stalked, and that is all for millions of dollars and the ability to do things that only rich people can do. I rather have my real family than a bunch of security guards and other celebrities trying to be better than the other. It would be nice to live your life to the fullest, and you want to bring your family on the ride, but that means their privacy is gone, too. This article goes real deep into why being famous isn't all that you really think about. Besides, that is really why I do want to be anonymous.


When you are at a certain phase at being famous, rumors will definitely spread around, and you will end up having a fan base. From regular people to VERY obsessed people that would tie you up and make you their dog. And with rumors being spread around, it would be very hard to literally stop the bad ones from spreading. Lets say that everyone believes that you are not really strong at all, and you couldn't even hurt a fly, even if you attempted to squish it. The thing is, they base these rumors over where you do something in public, then you will start to be poked fun of. Now that you are a bigger scale, just doing something that is really meaningless can literally destroy your reputation. Also, take note that...

Limited life.

You will NOT be able to have that much freedom, when everyone is on the move to figure out everything that you are doing. Especially all of your secrets end up being leaked, and everyone will be obsessed to where there is a 100% descriptive Wikipedia page about you. It is really scary, when your fan base is actually controlling part of your life. Then afterwards, there is a point where your fan base can hate you so much, that you could end up getting assassinated in any second! Therefore if you always wanted to be a spy, that dream is long gone, unless you can find yourself a new identity, and make your old identity disappear? Since you can't really rely on your family to keep secrets, so that you are also going to have to abandon your family if you REALLY don't want to be famous.

Stalkers and Fanbase.

You'll later on realize how the torture will be once you are trapped having to do things that only average celebrities can do. So that means, whatever old life that you had, you can never live it again, assume you were 13 years old. You remember where your mother wouldn't even buy you any games, because she found them useless, However, after you became famous and got rich, she paid for them the second that you told her what game that you actually wanted. Then years later, you missed that old mother that you had. Also, one thing to let you know about is that when you are portrayed as somebody else in a video, that may as well be your whole entire personality, and everyone will act like that is exactly what you do off the camera.

Benefits of being famous

However, being famous will still have its benefits. While you are still able to walk around and do things other people can't always do, you also can do things that everyone always wanted to do. If you are the type of person who would make music and get money from that, your revenue will be up to 100,000% better than your average person's revenue. But that is all on how big your fan base is, and I would DEFINITELY love to have that much revenue, as I would be swimming in money. I don't write articles JUST for money, all I want to do is just write and use this special ability that I currently have. Not everyone can type as fast as I could, as there are people who type faster, but I type faster than the average person. So I have one more tip for you. Want to be really famous? Try your best to remain anonymous, and remove all the records you have, and finally make a alias for yourself.


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author avatar Butterfly38
14th Jun 2015 (#)

I like this article. There are many negative sides to being famous. Its one of the reasons I chose to write rather than sing.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

It doesn't need much effort to become anonymous.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Jul 2015 (#)

It is not easy to lead a life when fame fades and we are back to "ordinary". Fame proves fleeting and one should always be aware of "afterlife"!

When one has the right attitude, then it may not matter - siva

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author avatar brendamarie
7th Aug 2015 (#)

Very interesting article

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