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Facebook's policy enforcement endangers users. Thousands find accounts suspended and deleted.
Sex scandals are big media events in America, Famous married men who are discovered having affairs with young women from modest backgrounds are treated like villians by the press.
Some people are disgusting, don't you think? This one, is amazing!
Rodney Alcala, the Dating Game Killer, is currently on death row with more charges pending.
Dennis Rader, the Bind, Torture, and Kill (BTK) killer, eluded identification for many years.
Read about Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America's most famous serial killers and certainly one of the most famous cannibals.
The world at large is filled with series of cases characterized by one level of illegalities or the other. These are done by judges, witnesses in court, lawyers, attorneys, and in capital cases.
The unbelievable gullibility of famous men who marry women who are clearly only after their fame and of course, their fortune
Justin Bieber seem to be trying his best to get himself into trouble at the moment for sound strange reason.
RHOA Phaedra Parks' happy home might be broken up. Why? Her husband recently got popped by the feds and based on her own behavior, she could be next.
The American Democrat Bobby Baker, 85 years old, uncovered, in an interview, surprising details of the relationship of John F. Kennedy with Ellen Rometsch, his last lover, now aged 77 years old.
The singer attacked the property of a neighbor with whom he had already discussed in the past. Justin Bieber threw eggs at the house on last week.
There has been some Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery going on and that is no surprise to anyone in the scene.
Watching the controversy swirl around Phil Robertson and comments he made in an article in GQ Magazine, make us question what are first amendment rights mean and if punishing someone for exercising those rights is the road we really want to travel down
Chris Brown has not learned to play nice with others yet. This is evident in light of recent events.
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