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Another celebrity marriage takes a hit. Mary McCormacks' marriage to 'Smash' director husband Michael Morris seems to be in trouble.
Pakistani hot actress Veena Malik dirty pictures and photo scandal for FHM got viral on Pakistani and Indian media, now you can watch her fake and some real leaked video clips everywhere on the internet.
When Prince Charles met Camilla he fell in love. Real love, not a fairy tale one. But his father, Prince Phillip thought she wasn't suitable. So they married her off to someone else and it broke Prince Charles's heart. He had given Camilla his heart and no matter how hard he tried to ...
I've always admired the outspoken Sharon Osbourne for being gutsy, ballsy and stating 'how it is' within the crazy celebrity culture. However, her latest comments about Justin Bieber acting 'black' have really struck a nerve. This article looks deeper into Mrs Osbourne's comments an...
At the heights of their fame and career, these celebrities were known as the most famous and successful stars of their generation. Unfortunately, they ruined and destroyed their lives as well as their looks due to drug addiction, excessive drinking of alcohol and heavy smoking.
T Cullen Davis dominated the headlines of north Texas newspapers in the summer of 1976 and 1977. There were murders, lots of money and a mansion involved.
How baby names are chosen and why celebrities choose to cause cruelty to their child and slowly deteriate any dignity they may have had. How names are judged and avoided due to things like social class and intelligence.
I just saw the movie 42 and I thought it was even better than The Blind Side, which from me is saying a lot. But it got me thinking about the recent Paula Deen controversy as well, and I thought it best to try to create an article about it.
J Frank Norris wanted to assume the mantle of fundamentalism leadership with William Jennings Bryant died, but shooting a man in his pastor's office and the ensuing trial derailed that.
I watched the film about Natalie Wood, entitled "The Mystery of Natalie Wood". It was both absorbing and enlightening, and not all all what I was expecting. Read on to find out more.
"In the interest of passenger privacy, we can not provide more information about (settlement) is. We are delighted that this issue has been resolved properly," said Manager of Public Relations of Singapore Airlines, Glory Henriette, in a press release
Diego's attorney, said the victim's family not to comment on his client's apology. Parties Diego will continue to take the path of peace. The arrival of Nikita Willy alone to give encouragement to Diego that he was brave to face the problem.
A brief review of the Royals' (sun)bathing habits.
Measuring-Sex, Star Zachary Quinto Glee. He reveals the star center dating Glee.
In this article, I will discuss the wrongs of the 'beard' policy frequently adopted by management companies in the show biz business and what can be done to grant gay celebrities equal rights.
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