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The Internet is replete with horrific tales by victims of human trafficking. Thankfully, most of them are not credible.
There is a disturbing trend of allegations of serious sex offences being made against innocent people on social media. And the even more disturbing trend of people believing them.
When life is to touch the sky, then maybe somewhere else get the idea.You must have seen many times this happens frequently occurred.
When I look at Charlie Sheen and his supportive Father Martin Sheen, I think of how my sister died in 2006 of Aids with my Mother by her side. Of course, I kept track of what was going on and I picked up my sister's ashes with my Mother from the mortuary in Las Vegas. But when I hear ...
The truth about the notorious Elm Guest House list, a worthless document.
The psychology behind hit men such as the notorious Richard Kuklinkski is fascinating.
If driving leads to death, punishment is mandatory, which was not how things turned out in Salman Khan's case.
"I'm so embarrassed. I have not become a good role model," he said.
The mainstream media continues to report on the ongoing campaign against Bill Cosby while ignoring the paucity of real evidence against him.
Ever hear of John DuPont with the movie named Foxcatcher about him? This article is not going to be based on the film, but rather some information I found when I researched him on the Internet.
The quantity of allegations against Bill Cosby seems impression, the quality, far less so.
The life of Cole Porter is one of musical genius, decadence and scandal. He lived the life of the glorious days of the roaring twenties even when depression and World War II fell upon us.
A skeptical look at the alleged crimes of Jimmy Savile.
American A List Celebrity Bill Cosby has been accused of unspeakable crimes, but who is telling the truth?
An examination of celebrity trials conducted in the full glare of the media.
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