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Alberto Moravia is one of Italy's greatest writers. his novels with a sexual slant are an absolute delight.
Throughout the history of literature there have been many different reasons for people turning to writing as a means of finding fame and fortune. If he is to be believed, it was a stupid mistake while drunk and drug-crazed that led William S Burroughs to become a writer.
Philip Larkin was a towering figure of 20th century English Literature. He also made his mark in the world of Librarianship.
Mark Twain has been gone for over a century and his reputation fluctuates based on applying 21st century standards to a 19th century man. Is "Huck Finn" a classic work or an insult to African American sensibilities?
Thomas Hardy achieved fame both as a novelist and a poet. His life was not without controversy, which continued after his death.
Charles Dickens toured the United States and Canada in 1867-8 but steered clear of Chicago. He had a special reason for so doing.
Eliot envisioned the modern world as a wasteland, in which neither the land nor the people could conceive. In The Waste Land, various characters are sexually frustrated or dysfunctional, unable to cope with either reproductive or non reproductive sexuality: the Fisher King represents ...
The quintessential English Romantic poet is too often overlooked today. Here is one writer's polemic.
Walter Dean Myers should be remembered for his generosity and his willingness to reach back to help others, as well as for the great young adult fiction he created.
I love a good mystery drama on TV. I watch all the old Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Poirot mysteries, and you cannot beat a good old Sherlock Holmes story.
Theodore Dreiser was an American novelist who lived an unconventional life. he wrote extensively and has left behind books that portray realism.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Proverb: "freedom is in the eye of the beholder". At Moscow's Donskoi Monastery on Wednesday, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was laid to rest. He was one of the best writer's Russia has had in the 20th century.
Dr. Maya Angelou died on May 28, 2014 at the age of 86. She was a writer, Civil Rights activist, professor, and Renaissance woman who inspired many.
We have lost a great lady, to whom no tribute will suffice to account for her greatness as an author, a poet, a civil rights leader, and a person.
Becoming a famous author is not that easy. Hard work and struggles are inevitable in the way. Let us know how did Dan Brown become the one of the most influential authors in the world.
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