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One could say that virtually all James Joyce’s literary output was autobiography, in that so much of “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, “Dubliners”, “Ulysses” and “Finnegans Wake” comes from the life story of their author, but it might also be helpful to have...
I love watching Turner Classic Movies to get reacquainted with the old Hollywood stars. One of my favorites is Bette Davis.
This is an article about 10 famous authors with strange habits that made them stood out from the crowd.
Jackie Collins was born in Britain but was best known for her American novels about the glamorous lives and extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous in Hollywood.
The beloved book "To Kill A Mockingbird" inspired a generation. Now, with the publication of “Go Set a Watchman” that features a racist Atticus Finch, the first book will have to be reassessed.
Terry Pratchett, a truly great author who strove to live by his ideals has passed away. The world grieves his passing but his works live on.
Bapsi Sidhwa is a Parsi writer from Pakistan and that makes her more special as she came froma nation where gender bias is the norm. She is now an established writer with her own following
A profile of playwright Tennessee Williams, who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work.
Charles Dickens’ novels were often subversive and attacked the social stratification in Victorian England. If he were around today, could he successfully take on the excesses of the Corporate Power?
The following is an obituary of the great south South African writer who went aganst apartheid.
Eric Blair is not a name that many people will recognise, but - as George Orwell – he achieved lasting fame as a writer, his best-known works being Animal Farm and 1984.
William Shakespeare, regularly called the English national artist, is broadly viewed as the best producer ever.
Many of us became familiar with Anne Rice in the mid-1970s when her novel, Interview with the Vampire, was published. This novel was written in 1973, when Rice was a graduate student, and not published until 1976. From this novel, several other novels concerning the main character ca...
Herbert Lieberman wrote this book in 1977. It is the story of people who take it upon themselves to judge a man and then wonder why he acts in a certain way. It is the story of a man that isn't the normal run of the mill man and as with a lot oft humans they don't like what they don't...
George Lane has one of the most formidable mathematical minds in the world.
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