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India and China are rivals and also have gigantic border problem, that is a hangover of British rule. Guns have boomed and may boom again. Perhaps all this could have taken a different turn in case Nehru was more alert.
The Middle east is an important area of the world, but presently is in a state of strife. However some leaders do have a hand in the destiny of the Middle east. Its worth havinga a look at them
What is the reason Karunanidhi does not wish Navaratri festival? The answer is very simple. Islam does not sanction celebration of Navaratri festival
Do you know who Jennifer Lawrence is? She is a marvelous actress that I am going spend some time writing about her life.
Many men that travel to Vegas in hope to experience the girls thing but are they legal and where can you get them and how much. Will you get in trouble with the police? Learn more from a local. A funny and informative post. Most people think every girl in vegas is legal and you can pa...
In India the omnipotent have often toyed with the law and judiciary and escaped from getting punished. Salman Khan the superstar from Indian Hindi film industry is a good example of this phenomenon. He has been repeatedly skirting with the law, but his influence, power, money has save...
General Musharraf was a far thinking president of Pakistan but he was swept away and his legacy is negated.
On Puri is a great character artist on the Mumbai film horizon. His acting is his strength and he lives all his roles
This page is about the life story of the great leader in India. It describes the journey of former president of India. This page also motivates youth by the inspirational words of the great Dr APJ Kalam Sir.
The world still mourns the passing of actor Elizabeth Taylor. This article is an homage of her life works.
There is a comedian named Steve Harvey that started out as the son of a coal miner and his wife, Eloise. He has done some things that are quite amazing like funny movies and writing a book.
You might have heard Elizabeth Banks, You may be her biggest fan, or you may have heard of her but know nothing about her. In this article, I am going to explain her early life then some of her career.
Louis Tomlinson and the news that broke the hearts of Directioners.
Amy Dickinson took over Ann Landers column in about 2003. It was my good fortune to meet her long before this and be able to know that she is a genuine person who is interested and cares about people.
This is part 2 of 2 articles on The Scary Guy who's an interesting personality who has a message that needs to be heard around the world!
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