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this article is about people who dont have fame but are shadows of famed people like managers, families and other friends.
When you meet others for the first time, your appearance offers, not only the first, but the only platform for assessing you. To be a winner, you must dress like one. Learn the subtle art of dressing for maximal success with the minimum of investment.
Vivien Leigh was one of the most beautiful actresses of all times.Some of her notable and popular films were, other than the most well known ' Gone with the Wind ' , 'Waterloo Bridge' with Robert Taylor ,' A streetcar named desire' with Marlon Brando,'Ceasar and Cleopatra' with Claude...
Former Spice Girl turned fashion designer, Victoria Beckham and super producer, singer/rapper, designer, Pharrell Williams are known and respected as style icons. However, earlier this month, both of them committed ultimate fashion disasters, ruining their cred.
colonel muarmar Gaddafi and his family collectively owned a wealth valued over $200 billion.
In all fabrics, whether they are pure, mixed or blended, a wide range of variety can also be created by varying the pattern of interlacing of warp and welt weft yarn during manufacture.
in need of some plus size style? this article will give you the tricks and tips to looking just as good as the next girl.
UK Broadcaster and mathematician, Carol Vorderman, 52, paid the ultimate price for her love of heels when she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her nose. Killer heels are a must for a large amount of the female population. Are killer heels really worth the risk?
Say 'no' more than 'yes,' and just make sure you surround yourself with good people. - Lindsay Lohan
A Bulgarian designer Margarita Meleva created beautiful dresses with rubber bands. Her latest creation with 18,500 rubber bands
Masako Miztani at the age 43 looks like 20 years, she is having two children she maintains her skin with creams and vegetation.
Halloween is a time to have fun and enjoy wearing creative and crazy costumes. This article looks into some of the most hilarious costumes that one can consider for Halloween.
This article is about basic facts on fashion that everyone should know and what it really entails.
Fashion is a very hot topic that everyone is always interested in; both men and women. Arming one's self with the right information on what fashion really is and what to expect of it is very essential.
Bipasha Basu fashion model and celebrity of bollywood maintains her body as slim with fixed diet.
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